Glass & Glazing

Laminated Glass

Lamination increases the strength of glass. It has many benefits:

  • Acts as a barrier against wind-blown debris from storms
  • The special laminated interlayer helps protect against the glass breaking away from the frame for added security
  • PVB interlayer protects furniture, draperies, and carpeting from UV rays
  • Energy efficiency reduces heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer

When laminated glass is used as part of an insulated glass unit, the benefits increase, resulting in lower energy costs, better condensation resistance, and significantly less transmitted noise.


Remember the Savings

When you use hurricane-code-approved windows, sliding glass doors, and terrace doors throughout your home or condo building, you may be entitled to a premium reduction. Your insurance company may have different qualifications and requirements. Please contact your insurance company to find out how to receive a premium reduction with your new tested and approved impact windows and doors.

Five Benefits of Installing Insulated impact-resistant windows

  1. Hurricane protection: Helps defend against extreme weather conditions and wind-blown debris.
  2. Intruder deterrence: The same impact-resistant glass and heavy construction that protects against weather damage, provides a strong deterrent to burglars.
  3. Noise reduction: FHA windows and doors act as a significant sound barrier, reducing outside noise.
  4. Sun protection: Laminated glass used in impact windows and doors blocks 98% of harmful rays, protecting your furniture, rugs, artwork, and family.
  5. Great value: The installation of insulated impact glass windows and doors maintains historic returns of 125.3% to 163.3%.