Glass & Glazing

Laminated glass:

Besides increasing the strength of glass to act as a barrier against wind blown debris from storms, laminated glass also reduces transmitted noise by more than 50% over standard annealed glass.

Additionally, the PVB interlayer contained in laminated glass filters the sun’s ultra violet rays thereby blocking these harmful rays from fading fine furniture, draperies and carpeting. This extra benefit is particularly appreciated in intense sunny climates.

Insulated Glass: When laminated glass is used as part of an insulated glass unit, the benefits go beyond just impact protection.

The result is lower energy costs, better condensation resistance and significantly less transmitted noise.

Remember The Savings...

When you use hurricane code approved WinDows , Sliding Glass Doors and Terrace Doors throughout your Home or Condo Building, you may be entitled to a premium reduction. Each insurance company may have a different qualifications and requirements. Please contact your insurance company to find out how to receive a premium reduction with your new tested and approved impact windows and doors.

Five benefits of installing insulated impact glass windows:

• Immediate protection from hurricanes Protecting your home has never been easier. With every impending storm, you can rest assure that your home will be secure.

• Protection from burglary and vandalism The same impact-resistant glass and heavy construction that keeps flying objects from penetrating these doors and windows also provides a strong deterrent to intruders, thieves and vandals.

• Noise reduction FHA windows and doors act as a significant sound barrier reducing 50% of outside noise, enhancing the peacefulness and tranquility of your home interior.

• Sun protection Laminated glass used in impact windows and doors blocks 98% of harmful rays, protecting your furniture, rugs, artwork, and family.

• Value The installation of insulated impact glass windows and doors maintains historic returns of 125.3%to 163.3%.

Characteristics Of  Glass:

Roller Wave Distortion in Heat-treated Glass Annealed glass that is processed through a horizontal oscillating tempering furnace will contain surface waves creating waviness or roller wave distortion, when viewing reflected images from a distance.

Glass Performance Charts