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Aluminum Window Wall

The WinDoor aluminum window wall is an operable single hung window mulled within its own frame to a picture window below. With this product, you can enjoy a stunning outside view with a ceiling-to-floor window wall. This choice product is completely glazed at our factory for high-impact and non-impact certifications. High-performance NFRC ratings are also achieved with our top-notch material and construction.

Options & Accessories

Finish Options

Standard Single WinDoor Paint

10-Year Warranty
  • Hatteras White
  • Bermuda Bronze
  • Custom Paint Available
  • Two-Tone Paint Available
5-Year Warranty
  • Clear Anodized

And Beyond

Gorgeous views are what we do at WinDoor, but we go beyond beauty to deliver windows and doors of unmatched quality and precision. Every day we challenge convention to offer industry-pushing designs built to perform, protect, and transcend the ordinary.

Glass Options

Impact-Resistant & Non-Impact-Resistant Glass

  • Clear
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Azure Blue
  • Solar Cool Bronze
  • White Interlayer
  • Obscure
  • Large Variance of Colors
  • Available in Low-E
  • Insulated (Includes airspace for energy efficiency)
  • Single Glazed (lami only)

Grilles (Muntin) Options

  • Insulated Glass – Applied muntins on both exposed surfaces of the glass and muntins within the airspace
  • Single Glazed – Applied muntins on both exposed surfaces of the glass
  • Standard & Custom Patterns Available
  • Flat Bar Muntins - 1” and 2" Profiles Available
  • Contoured Muntins - 1” and 2-3/4" Profiles Available

Technical Information

  • Frame Depth – 3-1/2”
  • Size
    • Maximum 53” x 120”
    • Minimum 16” x 60”
  • Glazing 
    • Single Glazed
    • Insulated Non-Impact
    • Insulated LM & SM Impact
  • Performance
    • Non-Impact up to +/- 135 psf
    • Impact up to +120/-150 psf
  • Water
    • ASTM: 20.25 lbs
    • HVHZ: 18 lbs
  • Frame Options
    • Equal Leg
    • Fin Frame
    • Flange Frame

Certifications & NOAs