When it comes to ventilation, consider WinDoor’s HY-Vent Window, which provides excellent ventilation and is easy to operate. Compare the ventilation to a basic window which slides open, allowing air to flow through only half of the area. The HY-Vent Window allows maximum air circulation from the top of the room, which is crucial in high and small spaces.

The HY-Vent Window is hinged on the bottom and opens inward from the top, allowing fresh air in when needed.


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Options & Accessories

Finish Options

Standard Single WinDoor Paint

3-Year Warranty
  • White
  • Bronze

And Beyond

Gorgeous views are what we do at WinDoor, but we go beyond beauty to deliver windows and doors of unmatched quality and precision. Every day we challenge convention to offer industry-pushing designs built to perform, protect, and transcend the ordinary.

Glass Options

Impact-Resistant & Non-Impact-Resistant Glass

  • Clear
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Azure Blue
  • Solar Cool Bronze
  • White Interlayer
  • Obscure
  • Large Variance of Colors
  • Available in Low-E
  • Insulated (Includes airspace for energy efficiency)

Grilles (Muntin) Options

  • Insulated Glass – Applied muntins on both exposed surfaces of the glass and muntins within the airspace
  • Standard & Custom Patterns Available
  • 1” profile muntins
  • 2 1/4” profile muntins

Technical Information

  • Frame Depth – 2-3/4”
  • Size
    • Maximum 48” x 108”
    • Operating arm can open up to 3 windows at one time
  • Glazing 
    • Non-Impact 1” std
    • Impact 1” std
  • Performance
    • Non-Impact up to +70/-70 psf
    • Impact up to +100/-130 psf
  • Water
    • 15 lbs
  • Frame Options
    • Equal Leg
    • Flange Frame