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High-performance doors and windows by WinDoor

Ultra-lightweight, thin — and incredibly strong. Diamond Glass is a laminated glass that is nearly half the weight of most impact glass on the market and engineered to protect against hurricane-force winds, would-be intruders, noise pollution, and UV rays. Available at select WinDoor dealers, it’s the next generation of impact resistance.

WinDoor Estate 560 Sliding Glass Door


And Beyond

Gorgeous views are what we do at WinDoor, but we go beyond beauty to deliver luxury windows and doors of unmatched quality and precision. Every day we challenge convention to offer industry-leading designs built to perform, protect, and transcend the ordinary.

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We craft every high-quality window and door to specification. Our dedicated team is driven to perfection and engineering excellence.

High-Rise Condos & Hotels

With the highest impact ratings in the industry, WinDoor’s impact-resistant doors and windows are the perfect fit for new construction projects and renovations. They’re the gold standard in the luxury high-rise market.

  • Most durable product on the market
  • Extensive quality testing
  • Manufactured to specification
  • All products tested and certified

Custom Homes & Residential

Our flagship 8100 series sliding door transforms an architect’s ability to create luxurious indoor/outdoor spaces, eliminating the usual constraints of custom-home design.

  • Available with impact and non-impact glass
  • Engineered to specification as needed
  • Pocket, non-pocket, and corner doors
  • 90- and 135-degree corners
  • Up to 12 feet tall

Custom Applications

WinDoor manufactures every order to specifications with a wide range of custom options.

  • Catered to any size, dimensions, and finish
  • Handle, muntin, and screen options
  • Impact and non-impact applications