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3 Front Door Trends for 2020

Designing a new home or remodeling one influences homeowners to consider small details. When observing a home’s exterior, paint color, facade materials, and landscaping are essential.

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Also, front entry doors are the first glimpse of your home and the impression of others. In this new year, front door trends are not only about style but technology as well. When planning for a new front entry door, consider these three trends.

Trend: Contemporary Front Doors

Front Door Trends Contemporary

Contemporary front doors create a standout design opportunity to welcome guests and make an unforgettable first impression. These types of doors also allow homeowners to play with asymmetry by inviting them to have sidelites on a single side to allow more natural light to flow into their homes. Contemporary front entry doors are recognizable by their geometric shapes and clean lines. But the revival of mid-century homes and new modern farmhouses are proving that contemporary front doors are not only intended for modern houses. Working with a designer can help homeowners know if adding a contemporary front door will add a sleek style to their home.

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Trend: Traditional Front Doors

Traditional front doors create a moment for homeowners to have their guests talking before they even step foot into their homes. Some traditional front doors can showcase sidelites or glass (picture windows) above the door, which can create a stately design moment. Characteristically, traditional front doors are recognized for their old-world charm, rich wood finishes, and exquisite glass inserts. Also, double entry doors can be used to draw attention to an oversized entry on larger luxury homes. The hardware options for traditional front doors allow homeowners to create a custom look that showcases their home decor style.

Trend: Smart Door Locks

Front Door Trends Smart Lock

Front door keys are no longer necessary. Today’s homes require more access and security than ever before. The dog walker, house sitter, kids, and family members all need to access to your home at different times. Smart locks allow homeowners, and those they want, to gain entry to their homes with their phones, fingertips, remote devices, and digital keys, which can be shared with those most trusted. Smart door locks not only allow people in and out of your home but can also integrate with your home security system to notify you of any potentially suspicious events.

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This year’s front door trends offer options for many homeowners. Working with a designer, contractor, architect, or manufacturer’s authorized dealer is suggested as they can help you explore individual styles for your home and assist with any technical decisions that may be required.

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