WinDoor – Perfect Patio: Door Styles to Add Character to Your Patio

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your beautiful patio through magnificent and carefully selected doors. Luxury homeowners have many options when they’re shopping for patio doors. High-end fixtures come in a range of styles including bifold, sliding and French style doors. Each type of door has its own benefits, elegant construction and signature style.

When you’re trying to decide which type of door is right for your home, it’s important to consider your home’s architectural design and appearance, as well as your own preferences. Each home is unique, just as each door is unique. Picking the right door for your circumstances can help you enjoy your patio a little more each day.

Classic French Doors

Like a feature you might see in a classic painting, French doors have a traditional beauty that’s perfectly correct in transitional style and classic style homes. If you have a historic house, this is an excellent door type for your property. Position muntins in the expansive panes of glass to add artistry and elegance to your doors.

Double up your French doors to show more of your patio and enjoy the best views of your property possible. French doors come in a range of colors including white, gray, silver, and a range of natural wood finishes like mahogany red and hazelnut brown. Coordinate your door’s frame with other colors in the environment to ensure the best fit for your property. 

Enjoy the elegance of a classic French door by purchasing it from a quality manufacturer and a dealer you can trust. Your French door will add value and beauty to your home.

Contemporary Sliding Glass Doors

For a modern home with sleek style and minimalist beauty, you can’t go wrong with contemporary-style sliding patio doors. With easy functionality and graceful charm, this patio door style is a favorite among luxury homeowners who like simplicity and grace in one package. Contemporary-style doors are easily recognized by their large open panels and side-to-side sliding operation. These doors are often preferred for modest-sized patios and private balconies.

Match or coordinate the patio doors to the other windows in the room through careful selection of the door finish. Dark-colored doors offer a pleasant contrast in rooms with light walls, while light finishes allow the doors to recede into the background, putting the focus on the beauty just outside the house.

Impress your guests with a bypass sliding door, or even a sliding door with a 90-degree open corner. These sliding glass doors open up your home and allow mingling between indoor and outdoor spaces. Not sure which option is right for you? Take a look at sliding glass doors in a showroom near you, so you can make the right choice for your home.


Stunning Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are the door of choice for homeowners who want to open a wide swath of wall to the outdoors while allowing the maximum amount of light inside. These doors are made up of multiple connected windowed panels that fold open like an accordion, and stretch to form a side-by-side line when closed. When seen up close, bifold doors are unique and impressive at the same time.

If you’ve got a large property with a lot to look at, maybe with an attractive garden or a view of the wild and beautiful ocean, folding patio doors are the perfect feature for your home. This option is also a favorite among homeowners who enjoy entertaining large groups. If you have an outdoor kitchen or living space, bifold doors can be used to bring the inside out, and vice versa. Make it easy for groups to mingle in your indoor/outdoor space by installing a wall of bifold panels.

You can customize a bifold door to your home to ensure that your installation will take up just the right amount of space for your property. Is privacy a concern? Install obscure or tinted glass to allow natural light into your home while preserving your privacy inside.

What Are Your Patio Goals?

With so many options available, it’s hard to pick which door style that’s best for you. When you’re considering different patio doors, ask yourself questions such as:

  • How big is my patio?
  • How much time do I want to spend entertaining?
  • Do I have outdoor living space, or would I like to have outdoor living space in the future?
  • What is the architectural style of my home?
  • What style of door do I personally prefer?

Assessing your preferences, habits and lifestyles can help through the selection process. Each door has strengths and features that make it preferable for certain circumstances over others. If entertaining is important to you, a multi-panel sliding door or a bifold door may offer the most functionality. These door types often work for outdoor living spaces as well.

If your home is historic or built in a classic style, French doors have a traditional construction that will enhance the character and elegance of your home. Not sure what type of door is right for your house? Go visit a showroom to see each door in action. Seeing is believing and can help you make a selection you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Whatever you choose for your home, be sure to do your research before selecting a patio door for your home. Always purchase high quality products that are built for luxury and durability. Remember that your patio door is your investment, is a part of your patio’s decor, and a part of your home that you’ll be using for many years to come.

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