Creating the Perfect Gateway to Your Patio Area

You spend so much time enjoying your home’s outdoor spaces: you should love the doors that take you there. Today’s homeowners have many styles to choose from when they’re selecting their exterior doors, and each style has advantages and disadvantages.

Maybe you want the splendor of a bifold door that blurs the line between inside and outside, or perhaps you’re enchanted by the unique beauty of a pivot door. Whatever your preference and home’s architectural style, there’s a door available for you.

When you’re selecting doors for your home, it’s important to remember that buying a door from a brand you can trust can help maintain the value of your home. In addition, buying a door with unique properties and architectural flair can help make your home stand out to guests or even buyers, should you decide to sell. Comparing and contrasting features can help you find the right door for your space and tastes.

Bifold Doors

Like a giant glass concertina, bifold doors are made from many panels that fold up neatly when fully opened. To close the doors, the panels are stretched until they line up to form a large wall. Bifold doors have many benefits that appeal to modern homeowners.

  • Can be as large as the wall itself. Bifold doors can be made much larger than standard doors and will fill whatever space is provided. When open, bifold doors allow for full freedom of movement between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Perfect for entertaining. When you’ve got a large group of people to entertain, bifold doors make mingling easier for big crowds. With help from bifold doors, your guests can have more space to enjoy themselves.
  • Striking appearance. There’s something stunning but beautiful about seeing bifold doors pulled back to reveal the open air outside. This pairs perfectly with modern architectural sensibilities, and makes bifold doors a perfect addition to many contemporary homes.
  • Allows for more natural light. Because bifold doors are made from several conjoined panels of glass, they allow more natural light to enter the house than many other types of doors.

If you live in a location where you enjoy beautiful views of the water or natural surroundings, this folding door option makes enjoying the environment much easier. They’re the perfect doors for homeowners who want to show off their property.

Pivot Doors

Traditional doors attach to the wall with hinges that allow them to swing open and closed. While hinges can be a useful tool that allow for easy opening and closing, hinges can also be limiting. Hinges can break when too much pressure is exerted on them, and that means that any door that is too large or heavy may not be practical for use.

However, pivot doors use an entirely different mechanism for opening and closing: a vertical axis that’s anchored to the ground and ceiling. The door pivots around the axis (hence the name).

The unique appearance of pivot doors is certainly one of the great benefits of these impressive, modern doors. In addition to the atypical appearance, pivot doors can also be made much larger and heavier than standard doors, without impacting the overall door functionality. Pivot doors can be taller than a traditional door, which allows for a very impressive entrance onto your home’s patio if that’s what you seek. If you’re looking for a door that will impress guests while making a statement, a pivot door is a good option for your home.

Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are common in modern homes, but this does not make them any less attractive or functional. In fact, sliding glass doors rose to popularity for a reason: they’re easy to use, allow a great deal of natural light to enter the house, and also offer an excellent view of the patio or backyard.

Sliding glass doors, whether a standard or glass pocket door option, allow for excellent air flow into the house when opened, and that can create a pleasant environment indoors as well as out. Sliding glass doors can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum and vinyl, which are both highly durable and attractive.

These materials can also be made available in many different colors, to match your home’s interior. In other words, sliding glass doors are highly flexible in their appearance and application, and this has made them a favorite among modern homeowners.

If you’re choosing sliding glass doors to look onto your patio, just remember that even though these types of doors are common and sold by many different brands and manufacturers, not all sliding doors are made equal. It’s still important to buy glass doors from a brand you can trust. Shop around to find the best doors available for your home.

Terrace Door

A terrace door is a type of door constructed with an attractive interior frame and a large glass panel that provides an excellent view of the outdoors. Terrace doors swing on hinges and are available in a single- and double-door design to allow for more aesthetic flexibility. Terrace doors can come in a variety of styles, both with or without grilles.

Like sliding glass doors, terrace doors are very popular, and for good reason. Terrace doors have lovely aesthetic value that pairs nicely with traditional architectural styles. In upscale homes, standard terrace doors provide a sophisticated aesthetic that appeals to homeowners and adds value to the house. These doors can be made with aluminum or vinyl material, and can be impact or non-impact resistant, based on the needs of the homeowner.

It’s Your Door – Pick One You Love

A door can sound like a simple home feature, but it’s not. With the right door installed in your space, outdoor access is just one benefit that you’ll enjoy. You’ll also enjoy great beauty, smooth functionality and outstanding value.

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