Creating the Perfect Modern Entryway

Your home’s personality shines through in the materials it’s made from, the colors it’s decorated in, and the aesthetic choices you make. Each little detail about your home makes a difference, and all of that personality culminates in the front door and entryway. The first thing your guests see when they walk through the entrance is that entryway, whatever you’ve done with it. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it’s important to get it right.

Top Modern Entry Ideas

Modern entryways are functional and decorative, inviting and attractive. You don’t have to follow a template when you’re establishing your home’s entryway. Use your own personality and sense of flair to decide which features you want to see most in your home, then take the plunge. Taking risks when decorating almost always results in something to be proud of.

Comfortable, Functional Seating

Every entryway benefits from comfortable seating for convenience when removing shoes and taking off coats. Seating can be made from a variety of materials and can come in many styles, including upholstered seating, wood benches and even metal. Traditional entryway benches have a high back and hooks near the top for hanging coats and jackets, with storage beneath. By contrast, modern benches are sleek and minimalistic, with few details to linger over.

Large Mirror

Installing a large mirror adds visual interest to your entryway, but there are other benefits as well. Entryways need natural light for safety reasons as well as aesthetic reasons. Mirrors help bounce that light around, enhancing illumination and also making the space more cheerful and inviting. Consider the shape and frame material when picking the mirror for your entryway. Choose a mirror with features that match the character of your home’s entryway.


Natural Neutrals

Neutral colors and organic shapes are very fashionable because they embody a casual, healthy environment. There are many ways to incorporate natural materials into your home entryway. While you can always choose a bench made of wood or rattan, you can also get a wicker basket for holding shoes or a vase made of stone. Find multiple ways to include organic materials in your home entryway to create a relaxing, zen-like environment.

Elegant Artwork

It’s the little touches that make your entryway something special. One or two carefully chosen pieces of art can give your entryway the intrigue and visual interest it needs to stand out. Don’t rush to buy the first acceptable piece of artwork you find: wait until you’ve found just the right original piece. Remember, the entryway establishes your home’s character, and that’s worth waiting for.

Stunning Chandelier

Nothing makes a splash like a creative chandelier. Don’t limit yourself to traditional crystal chandeliers. These ornate and decorative light fixtures can be made from a variety of materials including metal, wood, and crystal. In fact, many lighting manufacturers now make chandeliers from unique natural materials like grass and ceramic.

Each material projects its own personality, so ask yourself what type of personality is important for your entryway. Shop for the style that makes sense for your home.

Functional Console

Consoles make excellent additions to entryways because they serve many functions at once. A typical console is both a table and a cabinet, where you can do everything from showcase a sculpture, hold a lamp, and store shoes, and mittens. When selecting a console, consider a high-quality piece with unique qualities, as it will be one of the few focal points in the entryway.


Patterned Tile Floor

Consider a patterned tile floor to set the scene and give your entryway a playful sense of style. Don’t be afraid to choose a pattern that is both bold and unusual. Coordinate the color with other colors elsewhere in the entryway. Warm colors have a welcoming cheer while cool blues and greens create a soothing sense of peace.

Must-Haves for Modern Entryways

It’s important to make your entryway functional as well as decorative. Here’s what you need to meet the needs of your family and guests.

  • Shelves. Install floating shelves to hold small decorative pieces. Look for a shelf with key hooks underneath to make your shelves functional as well as decorative.
  • Ample natural light. Natural light is important in an entryway, since people gather there to say goodbye and put on shoes. More light means fewer chances to trip or fall.
  • Hidden storage. Storage spaces help keep your entryway functional. Keep your storage hidden within benches and consoles to create a clean, uncluttered appearance.
  • Decoration. Decorations make your entryway beautiful, but in such a small space, less is usually more.

Door Styles Create a Focal Point

Modern doors are themselves works of art, so choose your door carefully. There are many styles to select from. Don’t be afraid to choose a door style that stands out as unique from your neighbors, as this is your chance to make your home different from all the others.

Pivot Door

A pivot door is a door that pivots on an axis. This unique characteristic makes pivot doors a favorite among property owners looking for something a little different for their home. Pivot doors have the ability to be made much larger than standard hinged doors. This feature can be used to your advantage if you’re looking for a door that really makes a splash.

Contemporary Estate Entrance

Clean lines and minimalist details are the characteristics of contemporary estate entrances. These doors can come in many colors and finishes to coordinate with other materials in the entryway. Aluminum doors rarely need to be repainted or refinished, so choose a door color that you’ll be sure to like for a long time.


Traditional Estate Entrance

Whereas contemporary estate entrances are sleek and unadorned, traditional estate entrances and French doors usually have more decoration, including decorative muntins or grilles. These doors make an excellent addition to homes that are built in a traditional architectural style.

Make An Impression With an Elegant Front Entryway

Your home’s front entryway embodies the character and spirit of your home, so don’t rush through the process of making it right. Careful, deliberate aesthetic choices pay off in this part of the house. From the door entrances to the decorations on the walls, installing the right features can improve your home’s value and make your house a truly beautiful place to live.

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