Choosing the Perfect Entry Door: Style, Security, and Durability

Your front entry door makes a lasting first impression. Buying a door that’s beautiful and long-lasting can add value to your home while also making a good impression on all who visit. Making the right statement matters, so knowing what to consider when shopping for an entrance door can make all the difference.

The selection process for a front door doesn’t have to be complicated. Buying from a reputable brand is important, and knowing your goals can help as well. Here’s what to think about when buying a front entry door for your home.

What Style Is Right For You?

Front entry doors come in a range of styles including contemporary, traditional and pivot. To choose the style for your property, examine your home’s architectural style. Consider the aesthetic details that make your house what it is, then match your door accordingly.

Contemporary Estate Entrance

A contemporary estate entrance with a sleek door and clean lines add a touch of sophistication, and gives you a solid and straight forward entrance. With rectangular glass panels that add a touch of sophistication, contemporary estate entrances are solid and straightforward, just like your home itself.

Available in a range of colors including black, bronze and gray, contemporary estate entrance doors have the appearance of stability and grandeur. Perfect for any high-end contemporary home, contemporary estate entrance doors have a no-nonsense beauty that appeals to many modern property owners.

Grids and grills can add some extra decorative beauty if it’s needed, but often a simple bead around the edges is enough to make the right statement on your contemporary estate entrance door.

Traditional Estate Entrance

For those homes that have old-world beauty, a traditional estate entrance is just what you need to make your home stand out. Traditional estate entrance doors have a stately quality that appeals to an older and more traditional sensibility. Maintain the beauty and elegance of your home’s traditional architectural style with the traditional estate entrance.

These doors come available in a range of colors including black and gray, but also woodgrain options that coordinate nicely with the solid wood details inside and outside your home. Show off your home’s style with a traditional estate entrance.


Nothing quite grabs your attention like a tall pivot door. These doors operate on a vertical axis and thus can be made much larger and wider than other types of doors. Pivot doors can also be made from heavy or unusual materials without concerns about hinges breaking.

If you’re looking for a door that can make a big splash on your property, a pivot door may be the right type of door for you. Pivot doors can be used to fill giant spaces in a front entrance, so if you’re in the process of building a new home, work with your architect to make your pivot door fit in your new home’s design.

Focus On Security

All front doors should keep homes secure, but not all front doors offer equal levels of security. If you have a luxury home, finding a front door that protects your property and family while offering the right level of aesthetic beauty can be challenging. Here’s what to consider as you’re looking for a safe, secure front door that looks beautiful at the same time.

Glass Type

Glass is one of the most beautiful building materials found in today’s homes, but not all glass offers security. If you wish to incorporate glass in your front door, finding the right type of glass is important.

Mist or rain pattern glass obscures the view. Find a glass that obscures the view into your home, providing optimal levels of privacy while still allowing natural light to filter into your foyer and living spaces. This provides some protection from intruders who may want to see in, while still giving you the benefit of a well-lit space.

Impact glass prevents your door from being compromised. Impact windows and doors are designed to withstand impacts from debris during storms. Impact glass can also prevent your door from being compromised by intentional acts from potential intruders.

Hardware You Can Trust

Buy a door that utilizes a lock and hardware that you can trust to stay strong and secure. Working with a manufacturer that makes good doors with strong hardware is important. If the manufacturer offers a range of hardware types, consider each one before making your decision. Whereas a traditional deadbolt has strength that you can trust, an electronic handleset offers convenience and security in the same package. Consider this carefully before buying.

Buy for Durability

Your front door is an investment, so it’s important to buy a front door that will last a long time. Choose a door made from durable materials. Buy from a trusted brand that you know invests a lot in their doors to ensure they continue to perform as the years pass.

Material Type

There are many different types of materials that doors can be made from. Two very common and durable door materials are vinyl and aluminum. Whereas vinyl is long-lasting and doesn’t show scratches easily, aluminum is strong and never rusts. Both materials are an excellent option for a modern home, and require little ongoing maintenance. Each material can be finished in different colors, so you can choose the door that looks its best.

Buy from a Trusted Brand

To ensure that your door will last as long as possible, choose a door that’s made by a trusted brand. Good brands invest in the door’s design and materials to ensure that the products they sell meet customer expectations. When assessing a brand’s reputation, consider any awards they’ve received and the quality of the product. Viewing the product in person can help you decide whether a door is worth the cost.

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