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3 Products that Make the Most of Waterfront Views

Coastal living creates opportunities to install over-sized products like lift and slide doors to embrace spectacular ocean views. Bifold doors, ceiling-to-floor window walls, and pivot doors are some more examples of glass products that can provide tranquil views and create living spaces without confinement. Today, material technology provides architects who design for coastal regions an even broader spectrum of products because they can have it all: beauty, performance, and protection. 

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Bifold Doors

Waterfront Views - Bifold Door

Whether a home intends to celebrate views of the ocean or special occasions, bifold doors create multiple opportunities. Bifold doors allow graceful transitioning to covered patios / lanais and stunning pools from indoor living and dining areas. Depending on what is needed, bifold doors have the flexibility to be fully or partially open, which gives unique configurations for any event. For everyday living, bifold doors can include a hinged door option allowing for simple daily access outside without having to adjust the panels. 

Window Walls

Waterfront Views - Window Walls

Embrace breath-taking ocean views in unprecedented ways with a floor-to-ceiling window wall. Window walls allow architects to create multiple configurations to secure expansive views of the water while addressing the need to protect a home during a storm. This style of window offers the peace of mind of impact-resistant glass while still providing massive views. A window wall is diverse as it can be installed alongside other products to create custom views that may end up being the most spectacular feature of a home.

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Lift & Slide Doors

Waterfront Views - Lift and Slide Door

Despite the size of lift and slide doors, they can easily be opened with one hand and closed with just the push of a finger. These doors offer over-sized glass panels that provide minimally uninterrupted coastal views with the ease of fingertip operation. Living oceanside should be serene and relaxing, and lift and slide doors make the operation of up to 12-foot tall panels effortless to open. Then when closing, they lower and seal to create an energy-efficient space. Installing lift and slide doors in hurricane-prone coastal areas is not an issue as they can be high performing and impact-resistant. 

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Coastal living is serene, and with the right windows and doors, enjoying ocean views year-round is possible. Waterfront homes do come with storms, but today’s innovation gives architects options to install products that can withstand the elements while creating one-of-a-kind designs.

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