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6 Best-Looking Entry Doors

Elegance. Beauty. Functionality. Value. These are the qualities you can expect from the best entry doors made by the best manufacturers. When you install new entry doors in your home, these are the qualities to look for. Anything less is not worthy of your home.

Entrance doors come in different styles including swing doors, pivot doors, classic, and contemporary. Each option has its own strengths and advantages, and its own style. As a homeowner, it’s up to you to choose the best entrance door for your home. From the timeless style of the swing door to the exotic construction of the pivot door, there’s no right or wrong answer. Simply research the options. Follow your instincts. Enjoy the results.


The swing door is the design we all think of when we think of an entrance door. With strong hinges on one side and a handle on the other, the swing door is notable for its easy and intuitive functionality, its classic appearance, and its simple open and closing mechanism.

Benefits of swing door for your home:

  • Ease of use. Everyone knows how to use a swing door. Its familiarity is a strength, particularly on a day-to-day basis when receiving guests, etc.
  • Attractive design. Swing doors match our conventional idea of architectural beauty because they’re found in so many homes.

Because swing doors have such easy, intuitive functionality, and because they’re so popular, these doors come in a range of colors and styles and can be made from a variety of materials. Shop around to find the right color, material, and style that’s best for your home.


A pivot door is a door that operates on a vertical axis with hinges that are mounted on the top and bottom of the door, rather than on hinges that are attached to the side of the door. This design allows pivot doors to weigh much more than swing doors, because the weight of the door is supported by the ground itself.

The pivot door may seem like a modern innovation, but this door design is actually ancient. Evidence of pivot doors has been found at archeological sites, indicating this type of door has been in use for thousands of years.

Benefits of pivot doors for your home’s entrance:

  • Attractive appearance. Pivot doors are unique in appearance and can be especially striking because they’re so different from swing doors.
  • Unique design. Because pivot doors can weigh so much more than swing doors, pivot doors can be larger than standard doors, and also may be made from a unique material like stone.
  • Value. Generally speaking, pivot doors are typically found in high-end homes. This gives them extra value compared to swing doors.


Double entry doors are two doors placed side by side in a doorway. They can be of any style or made from any material. The benefit of these doors is their grandness of size, their formal nature, and the fact that these doors can be opened doubly wide to allow large furnishings and household fixtures in the door.


Contemporary style doors have a sleek, minimalist quality that makes them attractive but understated. These doors often feature little or no decoration. Often, contemporary style doors feature windows-either one large one or several smaller ones. These doors are lovely, simple in their beauty, and pleasantly functional with their windows and hardware playing a central role in their design.

Contemporary-style doors can be made from any material including steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass. When shopping for contemporary style doors for your home, take special care to ensure that the color, finish, and material are consistent with other finishes and materials found nearby in your home.

Natural wood grain doors are best in homes where natural materials are visible and in sight of the doorway. Plants, stone, wood, and other natural materials all pair exquisitely with a natural wood grain door.


Classic-style entrance doors are best for homes built in a more traditional architectural style. Classic entrance doors may feature a range of decorative grills, beads, and muntins. These entrance doors often feature natural wood grain because this coordinates well with traditional architectural features like millwork and built-in furnishings.


Sidelites are the windows beside the entrance doors. Sidelites can be found next to contemporary and classic doors, besides double entry doors and single entry doors, next to pivot doors, and next to swing doors. Sidelites are simply a feature that adds value to the door, making it more useful as well as elegant.

Benefits of sidelites include:

  • You can see when packages arrive
  • Sidelites emit natural daylight to fill your home’s foyer
  • Sidelites add a level of formality to your entry door
  • Sidelites also seem to widen the door frame, befitting a larger, grander house


Selecting a door for your entrances isn’t easy, especially with so many options to choose from. When selecting the right door entry for your home, start by shopping from a quality manufacturer and dealer. High-end homes need high-end features, so don’t settle for a product that isn’t befitting your home.

Use customizations to create a door that’s uniquely yours and uniquely created for your home. Take your time when shopping around to ensure that your door is one that you’ll be happy to come home to for years to come.

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