Brighten Your Home — and Mood — Naturally

Environment and mood are closely linked. Studies show that by changing one, you can also change the other. By making updates to the light in the room, the colors on the walls, curtains and other features, you can create an ambiance in your home that will lift your spirits and change the way you feel.

Creating a mood in your home is an ongoing project that can be done in big and small ways. Performing updates to your home’s fixtures, furniture, and decor, and by making smart color choices, you can change the way your home feels. Here’s what to know.

Add More Natural Elements

Natural elements like stone, plants, and wood help create a relaxed environment. There are many places where you can add natural elements around your home.

Stone. Stone veneer can be used in many ways around your house. Consider using a stone veneer in floor tiles or in a funky, laid back kitchen backsplash. If selecting a natural stone for your home’s countertops or flooring, remember that some types of stone are porous and need to be sealed on a regular basis. Take into consideration the maintenance schedule as well as the appearance of the stone before making your selection.

Plants. Plants help clean the air, add a decorative flair and bring a touch of nature to your home environment. You don’t have to be a green thumb to enjoy plants in your home. If you’re not comfortable keeping plants healthy, consider pothos or philodendrons. These easy to grow houseplants need nothing more than the occasional watering and indirect sunlight to stay healthy.

Wood. Wood makes a fantastic addition to your home, whether it’s on the floor, the furniture or in the random decor. There are many different types of wood that you can choose for your home. Reclaimed wood has a rough character and may have stains or scratches from previous use, while newly crafted wood can be polished with attractive grain patterns showing through. Consider using varying types of wood around your home for good variation and detail.

Let In Natural Light

Natural light can lift your spirits while simultaneously making your home look cleaner, bigger, and brighter. There are many ways to allow natural light into your home.

Install picture windows. Large picture windows are a type of fixed window that allows natural light to filter indoors. Picture window sizes vary, but the bigger the window, the more important it is to install a window that will block energy transfer and prevent your home from heating up when the sun shines through the glass. Look for high-quality double pane or triple pane windows from a reputable manufacturer and dealer. High performance low-E glass allows visible light to filter into your home without heating up the space or allowing harmful UV rays to damage your furnishings.

Install bifold doors with high performance glass. Like large picture windows, bifold doors allow natural light into the house without creating hot spots or drafts. In addition, bifold doors are functional and make a decorative statement.

Keep your windows clean. Dirty windows block natural light while making your home look a little dingy. Keeping your windows clean helps ensure that your home will look its best.

Be smart about landscaping. Landscaping can add to the scenery outside your home, or it can block natural light. Think about the positioning of your landscaping to ensure that your shrubs are not positioned in such a way that they block the light. Poorly placed or overgrown shrubs placed in front of your home’s windows can block sunlight and cast your home into shade.

“Frame” Your Beautiful Surroundings

Think about the view outside your home, whether that’s water, tropical plants, or an elegant cityscape. What can you do to make it more attractive? Framing your beautiful surroundings with window treatments can make that view all the more attractive. Finding the right window treatments is important. Some options:

Light sheers. Light sheers allow natural light to filter into your home. They can be drawn when you need privacy, and add a gauzy, delicate appearance to your home’s windows. Sheers lend a breezy quality to your home’s ambiance, which makes them perfect for creating a light-hearted environment.

Curtains. Consider attractive curtains made from natural materials like cotton to give you more options for framing the scene around your home. Curtains can be drawn back to allow natural light into your home, or they can be shut to shade the space and add privacy.

Classic Roman shades. Want window treatments that make a statement? Consider classic Roman shades instead of curtains. Roman shades have all the elegance of cotton curtains, and a different design at the same time.

Add Feng Shui Concepts

Feng shui is a way of arranging your home so that your house is balanced with the natural world. There are many ways to introduce feng shui in your home. Some simple suggestions:

  • Keep the spaces clutter-free
  • Remove obstacles from walkways
  • Use plants to decorate your space

Of course, there are many other things you can do to achieve feng shui at your own pace. Putting the bed in a commanding position, for example, is important. This means placing the bed in a location where you can see the door, but not in a location where it’s in a direct line with the door.

Elevate Mood With Colors and Decor

Colors have an obvious effect on mood. Choosing the right colors for your home can help elevate and shape your mood. Some suggestions for elevating your mood with color:

  • Use calming colors like green and blue to create a sense of peace.
  • Heighten your passions with red, orange, and yellow.
  • Use light, desaturated colors to promote feelings of calm.

There are many ways to incorporate different colors into your home’s decor. Start by selecting a color palette for your home. The color palette should have one or two base colors, and two or three accent colors. Once you’ve selected a palette, choose decorations that align with that palette. Consider your palette when painting the walls of your home as well.

Don’t be afraid to make bold choices when painting your home’s walls. You can always change the palette later, if need be.

Cultivate a Beautiful Ambiance Over Time

Ambiance is not something that most people can achieve in one day. Ambiance is something that most homeowners cultivate over time. By working on your home’s ambiance a little at a time, one project at a time, you can create an environment that will make your house feel like the peaceful sanctuary, or cheerful environment, that you want it to be.

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