Entry Doors: The Gateway to Your Home

Your home’s entry doors are the gateway to everything you hold dear. Your home, your family, the personal items that you own–everything lies on the other side of your entry doors. These all-important features must be many things at once: secure, attractive, long-lasting.

Choosing the right entry doors can be a challenge for this very reason. Knowing the right factors to consider and what to prioritize can help you choose entry doors that will do the job you need them to do. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right entry doors.


Your home’s entry doors set the character and tone of your home. The entry doors are the first thing that visitors and guests see when they approach your house, and the eyes linger there as they ask for permission to enter. Naturally, aesthetics are an important factor to consider when trying to select the right entry door for your home.

Individualism. Choose an entry door that is unique to ensure your house will stand out. Give your entry door a quality that makes your home seem different–and more importantly, yours.

Style. Entry doors come in a range of styles. Today’s entry doors range from traditional to unusual and modern. Some entry door styles to consider include:

  • Contemporary Estate Doors. These aluminum door options have the clean, minimalist look that you often find on contemporary homes. They’re available in many finish options and have hardware selections that match their clean aesthetic.
  • Traditional Estate Doors. Traditional Estate doors have grandeur and elegance, suitable for any historic home. Some traditional estate doors have sidelites. Choose the type of glass carefully to maintain the beauty of the door while protecting the privacy within. Obscure and rain glass allow light to enter your home without revealing your home’s contents to everyone on the other side.
  • Pivot doors. If choosing a unique door is truly a priority for you, the pivot door is a must-see option. Pivot doors turn on an axis, not hinges. This allows pivot doors to be as large as you want, and gives you flexibility when choosing the material the door can be made from. This allows you to make a statement with a pivot door that creates a stunning focal point for your home’s facade.

Options and features. Consider a range of finishes and glass types as you try to choose the door that’s right for your home. Blue tinted glass, or white interlayer? Painted finish in velvet gray, or black? Be open to the options. See the choices in-person in a showroom. This will allow you to find the door that truly looks right on your home.


Security is vitally important when you’re choosing a door for your house. A door that isn’t fully secure is a door that creates risk. Therefore, it’s important to choose a door made from strong materials and the right hardware.

An aluminum door, for example, is a strong and sturdy material that can withstand impacts and high winds. When choosing a glass type for the windows, seek laminated or laminated insulating impact glass for your doors. These glass types can protect your home from high winds, tropical storms, and potential intruders.

Be willing to invest in a door that has all of these features. Post installation, take home security for your door a step further with smart accessories that allow you to control who gains access to your home, and when. A smart lock, for example, can protect your house. A smart lock can be controlled with your smartphone, allowing you to lock or unlock your home’s door with the touch of a button.

Similarly, a video doorbell allows you to see who stands at your door. Using the doorbell, you can communicate with anyone who comes to your door, and even set off an alarm if the need arises. Consider a range of features for your home’s front door before settling on the features that are right for you.


Quality is crucial when you’re choosing a front door. The quality of your front door impacts the value of your home, as well as curb appeal.

Higher quality also means durability. A more durable front door will last longer and look better for a longer period. You can tell quality by purchasing from a reputable manufacturer and dealer. Seek out a luxury door maker that offers a good warranty for its products. A warranty is a sign that the door manufacturer and dealer stands behind its products, and is confident in the quality of the product.

Make the Most Of Your Investment

Your home’s entry door is truly an investment in your property. Your home benefits from a contemporary and attractive entry door. By selecting the best door for your home, you can improve your home’s value and enjoy living in a more attractive home at the same time.

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