A Modern Beach House featuring luxury poolside furniture

Extend Living Spaces Outdoors: Luxury Poolside Furniture Trends

Aside from spectacular views, what do the most luxurious pools in the world have in common?

The most opulent poolside furniture.

Are you looking to recreate the look and feel of a luxury poolside space in a backyard? If so, sourcing the right high-end pool furniture that complements a residence’s existing decor is imperative.

Explore expert guidance to find the best in-pool and poolside furniture for any home. Continue reading for inspiration and buying guides.

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In-Pool Furniture Inspiration

Are you working with a pool that has a Baja shelf? This luxurious design feature is not only the perfect place to relax — it is also the ideal place for in-pool furniture.

A ledge lounger, also called an in-water Chaise or an in-pool tanning chair, is essential for those long leisurely days in the sun. They are available in a variety of styles that suit water depths between three and eighteen inches.

Want to take in-pool furniture to the next level? Upgrade lounge chairs to an in-pool sofa and ottoman set. Designers and homeowners can also find side tables or ice bins designed to give any backyard every item needed without leaving the water.

This fire feature adds a touch of elegance and luxury to this coastal home pool.

Luxury Poolside Furniture Ideas

When swimmers are ready to abandon the water, having elegant, comfortable poolside furniture where any guest can relax is necessary. Chaise lounge chairs are a classic choice, but today’s lounge chairs are far from basic, including built-in tables begging for a cocktail. 

Many luxury homeowners create an extension of their home by adding modern sectional sets and outdoor sofas to their poolside repertoire. High-end woven materials are popular, but others may prefer aluminum, fiberglass, or sustainable hardwoods. Although sofas and sectionals may be used throughout the property, ensuring poolside options can withstand swimmers, suntan lotions and pool water is necessary. 

If there is enough space, homeowners can also consider adding a dining set to enjoy drinks and poolside meals. A dining area near the pool can be more casual and smaller than dining spaces for more formal, outdoor gatherings. Create a cozy atmosphere (and protect guests from the sun) with a poolside umbrella, pergola, or canopy. Complete the ensemble with a luxurious wood-burning fireplace or fire pit

Ensure that furniture selections will withstand the local climate. Different materials perform better in heat and humidity or colder, drier locales.

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Take a Tour – Poolside Furniture Brands

There are no doubts that waterfront residences are built with entertaining guests in mind. Sourcing luxury outdoor furniture that homeowners and visitors will admire is not laborious. Here are our recommendations for jaw-dropping, conversation inducing poolside furniture brands:

There are additional brands, so working with a designer with poolside furniture experience that best suits the style and location of a specific home can help.

Luxury poolside furniture elevates this coastal home with WinDoor sliding glass doors.

Featuring our Estate Series: 560 Sliding Glass Door, 450 Sliding Glass Door, and Picture Window 410.

Luxury Poolside and In-Pool Furniture: Simple Elegance

With the right in-pool and poolside furniture, any residence can mimic that of a luxury resort. Using the ideas discussed to choose stylish outdoor furniture that is both functional and elegant, any pool area is sure to be a delight for family and guests. 

Are you looking for more inspiration for lavish living? Browse our galleries for more stunning ideas for any home, yacht, or second residence.

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