How Impact Windows and Doors Protect Your Investment

Impact windows and doors are made from special glass designed to resist penetration from debris flying at high velocity. During a hurricane, impact windows can prevent debris from compromising the structure of the home.

This is important because once the outer membrane of the home is compromised in a hurricane, internal pressure can quickly build up inside. This internal pressure can cause serious structural damage, like the loss of the roof.

Impact doors and windows are considered the gold standard for window hurricane protection, yet there continue to be many Florida homes that rely on storm shutters to protect their windows.

If your home is lacking impact windows, you’re missing out on an important opportunity to improve your home’s value and protect your home from high impacts. The benefits of impact windows are wide-ranging and go beyond simple impact protection. There are many reasons to invest in impact windows for your home.

Below, we’ve listed benefits of impact windows for your property. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Impact windows and doors require no storm preparation.

Impact windows are made from sturdy framing and impact glass, making them nearly as strong as the house itself. Whereas hurricane shutters must be closed or installed to protect the windows during a storm, impact windows are always prepared for a storm and require no additional steps to be taken in order to protect the house from impacts.

In addition, impact windows require no additional maintenance, other than regular cleaning. Hurricane shutters do require additional maintenance, including lubrication of the tracks. In this way, installing impact windows will save you time and trouble.

2. Impact windows offer enhanced efficiency and savings on utilities.

Impact glass is made up of laminated glass and a pane added for insulation, and can be made with specialty low-E coatings that reflect UV radiation. This enhanced energy efficiency prevents energy loss and stops drafts from creating hot and cold spots near your home’s windows.

These features can save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills throughout the year. To ensure the windows and doors you purchase are as energy efficient as possible, look for products that have NFRC certifications.

3. Impact windows can result in reduced insurance costs.

Because impact windows and doors need no additional steps in order to protect your home from flying debris, they offer superior protection from damage during hurricanes. Insurance agencies sometimes incentivize homeowners to protect their homes with impact windows and aluminum doors by lowering their premiums when impact windows are installed. You can find out if the installation of impact windows will result in reduced premiums (and if so, by how much) by contacting your insurance agent.

4. Impact windows and doors are a selling point.

Five of the top 10 most extreme hurricane seasons have occurred since the year 2000. As hurricane season has become increasingly deadly and destructive, it’s become more important to homeowners and home buyers to ensure that their property is protected.

If you’re planning to sell your home someday, impact windows and doors are a real asset. In fact, for some buyers – particularly in the luxury market – impact windows are a personal requirement for purchase. If you live in a high-risk area for direct hits by hurricanes, installing impact windows could make your home more competitive with other properties in your area.

5. Impact glass is more secure.

In addition to being resistant to impact from flying debris, impact glass is also resistant to impacts from potential intruders. Think of it this way: if it can stand up to a hurricane, it can stand up to a person trying to penetrate your home’s outer shell.

Impact glass may crack or splinter, but it stays attached to the sticky center layer, keeping the window intact. Security is a priority for homeowners with luxury properties, because their homes contain valuables that could be desirable to potential intruders. In this way, impact glass gives homeowners peace of mind.

6. Impact windows and doors provide insulation from sound.

Windows and doors are not soundproof, but impact windows and doors offer enhanced protection from loud noises outside. This sound protection comes from the thick layers of impact glass and extra thick framing around the windows.

If you live in a busy location with a lot of traffic on the street or nearby, impact windows can reduce the presence of sound inside your house. A quieter indoor environment has many benefits, including a more peaceful existence and fewer annoyances from exterior activities.

7. Impact windows look great.

Hurricane shutters can detract from the beauty of your home, but impact windows won’t. In fact, impact windows can be just as beautiful as any other high-end luxury windows. If curb appeal is a priority for you, impact doors and windows are the superior form of protection from fast-traveling debris.

8. Impact windows allow you to see outside during the worst of the storm.

If the power shuts off during the worst moments of a storm, you may find yourself relying on natural daylight to see inside your home. Storm shutters naturally block all light, leaving homeowners relying on flashlights or stumbling in the dark in their house. Impact windows make seeing indoors during daylight hours much easier.

9. Impact glass protects your home from UV rays.

Impact glass with low-E coating protects your home from the UV rays that can cause upholstery and flooring to fade. Whether you live on the coast or inland, your home is likely exposed to many hours of direct sun each day. Installing impact glass with a low-E coating can protect your house and prevent this fading from occurring.

Install high quality impact windows and doors to enhance your home’s value.

If you’re serious about protecting the value of your home, you should be serious about installing high value, highly protective windows and doors. In Florida, there’s no window product more effective against the damage from hurricanes as impact windows.

Find out more about installing impact windows and doors in your home by working with a reputable window dealer with quality products and knowledge of Florida weather. By working with a knowledgeable professional, you can make your window shopping and installation experience more productive and better for your home.

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