How to Make Doors and Windows the Star of Your Home

Modern doors and windows have the potential to be pure elegance. New designs and innovations in functionality help them to add value and beauty while improving your home’s energy efficiency. In other words, installing luxury doors and windows can be transformative for your home, especially if your current doors and windows are quite old.

Every choice you make when installing and caring for your home’s windows and doors is important. You can make your doors and windows the stars of your home, by making the right decisions regarding their care and installation.

Select the Right Door and Window Style

Modern doors and windows come in many styles. It’s important to remember when you’re installing all new fixtures in your home that you aren’t beholden to the old styles currently in place. You can replace single hung windows with casements, or a picture window with a seamless bay window. Your old front door can be replaced with a pivot door, and those sliding patio doors can be replaced with hinged French doors, and so on.

Making the right style decision for your home starts with deciding what doors and windows fit the character of your home and your personal style. The following tips will help:

  • Shop with a quality dealer. Your home needs doors and windows befitting your home. Find a luxury door and window dealer that sells products with superior design and performance.
  • See the options in person. Buying online is fine for small purchases, but not for a big investment like doors and windows. Visit a showroom to see what you’re going to buy in person. Touch the finishes, look through the glass, open and close the window or door to see what you’re about to purchase.
  • Think outside the box. Consider styles you might normally have overlooked. Thinking creatively when installing features in your home can pay dividends. Is your installation a part of a larger remodel? Work with a professional designer or architect to help you make the right decisions for your window and door installation.

Choose the Right Glass, Hardware and Finish

Windows and doors come with many finishes and hardware types. Glass comes in many choices too, from colored glass to obscure. Consider the level of privacy you prefer in your home as well as the amount of natural daylight that’s important for you. Talk to your designer and other family members to get input on these decisions.

Maintain Your Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows need proper care in order to retain their value and continue looking their best. Read the care instructions once your doors and windows are installed, and follow any recommended maintenance schedules. Read the warranty as well, to ensure that your care practices won’t void the warranty or cause harm to the fixture.

Plan to perform annual maintenance on your windows and doors simply to keep them functioning in tip-top condition. Most new windows and doors (especially high quality doors and windows) need minimal care in order to continue performing just as they did when they were new, but it’s still important. Mark your calendar, or set a specific time of year to get the work done (maybe with spring cleaning).

Make a Statement With Window Coverings

Window coverings do more than provide privacy to your home. The right window coverings add beauty to your home’s interior. The textures and colors of your window coverings help draw the eye to your windows while also adding a unifying element to the whole interior space. Some tips:

  • Walk the line between trending and timeless. Window coverings come in a range of styles and designs, including stunning new designs and timeless fabrics. Mix and match your window coverings to feature a range of both types in your home.
  • Coordinate more, match less. While you don’t need the colors of your window coverings to be an exact match for the other colors in the room, the colors should coordinate.
  • Install a range of window covering types. From blinds to drapes, window coverings come in different types to meet the needs of homeowners. Keep your windows visually interesting by installing window coverings of all types.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

Your home’s windows can’t be the show-stopping vision they were meant to be unless they’re clean. Clean your windows multiple times per year to eliminate smudges and smears that could block natural light and mar the view out your windows.

Install High Quality Doors and Windows

Most important is to install high quality doors and windows that will last and add value. When you’re trying to find a window and door dealer that sells quality products, consider the following:

  • Awards. Research the window manufacturer and dealer to find out whether their business or their products have won awards for energy efficiency, innovation in design and other categories.
  • Reputation. Find out if you know anyone who has installed those types of windows and doors in the past, and what their experience has been with those products.
  • See them in person. Viewing the windows and doors in person will give you a better sense of the quality of the product.

Always Consider the View

Perhaps there’s a part of your property that is especially beautiful to behold. When choosing windows and doors in this part of the house, consider the view and how it will be impacted by the choice you’re making. Install windows that have the greatest capacity to showcase a beautiful view and bring it into your home.

Taking advantage of the landscape around your house in this way can boost your home’s value and also make life in your home more attractive. Love where you live. Install the right windows and doors to make your home a star.

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