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Let the Light in With the Right Picture Windows

Picture windows aren’t exactly a new idea in home decorating, but they can be on the cutting edge of home decor. When they’re used creatively, picture windows can add zest and beauty to any room where they’re installed. With slender, elegant frames and an ability to showcase the view outside your home, picture windows are like art itself.

This article will explore the many ways that picture windows can be used in your home, as an architectural element, as a visual focal point, and as a way to bring the outdoors inside. Of course, most important of all is to install picture windows that are high quality and designed for luxury.

The Joy of Picture Windows

Picture windows are unvented, also called fixed windows. This means picture windows are windows that exist purely for the joy of having a view outside. Picture windows have many benefits:

  • Add value to your home. Windows add value to your home, because they make your house more attractive to home buyers and fill your home with daylight.
  • Put the natural beauty of your property on display. You’ve worked hard to make your property as beautiful as possible. Now with your picture window, you can see that natural beauty on display.
  • Allow natural light into your home. Picture windows allow natural daylight to enter your home, which is good for your mental and emotional well-being. This also reduces the need for artificial lighting, which saves you money.
  • Energy efficient. Because picture windows are fixed windows, they’re extremely energy efficient. They do not have seams or spaces for air leaks.

Creative Placement of Picture Windows

Where can you place picture windows? How can you maximize their beauty in your home? We’ve got some ideas.

Install Floor to Ceiling Windows

What’s more impressive than a large picture window? A window so large that you can’t see the edges of it. Floor to ceiling picture windows create the illusion that the world outside is so close that it’s right there with you. Their seemingly frameless existence puts nothing but a piece of glass between you and everything else.

Is your property on the water? Or perhaps in the center of a large and lush garden, impeccably maintained? Floor to ceiling picture windows allow you to enjoy these features all day long.

Frame a Truly Beautiful View

Find the most beautiful scene on your property. Maybe it’s the roiling, endless ocean, or the lonely view of a flat, wild marsh. Pick the spot on your property that you would most like to see painted into a picture and hung on your wall: this is the perfect spot to install a picture window.

If your home doesn’t have a picture window in this location, install one. If you’re building a new construction home and choosing the perfect place for a picture window, this spot is it. Work with your window installer to make it happen.

Install the Picture Window In a Private Space

Picture windows are typically found in rooms like living rooms. These windows are used like conversation pieces. They turn the world outside into a focal point, a thing to look at and admire with guests and friends.

Why not give yourself a picture window in a private place as well? In the bedroom or even in some bathrooms, picture windows become private treasures for homeowners and the people closest to them. Install a picture window for your own enjoyment. You’ll thank yourself when you wake up in the morning to enjoy the view, or as you bathe in your luxury tub, and watch the world go by.

Install a Picture Window of an Unusual Shape

Picture window sizes and shapes can be customized for the needs and desires of the homeowner. Consider installing a picture window that defies the usual conventions by choosing a window of an unusual shape, otherwise known as an architectural window.

You can pick the shape to mimic the landscape outside, or pick a whimsical shape that simply looks interesting and adds an element of surprise to your home’s interior. You don’t have to install a window that looks like everyone else’s: it can be all yours, and all unique.

Echo the View With Your Decor

Bring elements of the outside into your house, so the view out your window is echoed within your home. You see tropical plants outside? Plant tropical plants inside as well. Are there red flowers in the garden? Scatter red around the room, in the throw pillows and in the artwork. Echoing these colors and elements in the decor around your home helps bring together the visual elements inside and outside your house, creating a unified space that everyone can appreciate.

Combine Window Types

One way to enjoy the beauty of picture windows is to combine them with other window types, like single hung windows, casements and awning windows. Combining window types can help you enjoy the convenience of a vented window with the elegance of a picture window. This allows you to enjoy all the air flow that you need, beside the wide, unbroken expanse of a picture window.

Install Quality Picture Windows In Your Home

When you’re picture windows in your home, it’s important to choose windows from a quality window dealer. Choose a window dealer with a reputation for selling fixed window products that deliver. Look for:

Top-tier luxury windows will only enhance the value of your home and improve your quality of life.

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