Make a Statement: Unique Door Styles

Every home has doors, but not every home has interesting doors. Wouldn’t you rather that your home have a feature that sets it apart? When you select an unusual door made in a style that your neighbors and guests have never seen, you add value to your property while giving your home character.

Make your house a place that passerby and guests will not soon forget with one of the door types listed below.

Pivot Door

Pivot doors have existed since ancient times. Examples of pivot doors have been found in archeological dig sites and in ancient cities and towns. Whereas standard doors swing open and closed on hinges, a pivot door will pivot on an axis that has been inserted in the ground. While the door swings to the side, a small tail section of door sticks out the other side of the axis, adding to the door’s unusual design and appearance.

Because pivot doors are not reliant on hinges to hold them up, they can be made from heavy materials without any concern that the hinges will not support the weight. These doors can also be made in many sizes, potentially creating a very impressive entrance to your home.

Working with a luxury door manufacturer and dealer, you can find a pivot door that impresses guests and adds to your home’s curb appeal all at once. A pivot door made from aluminum has the added advantage of being easy to maintain, as well. 

What are the benefits of pivot doors?

Pivot doors have many benefits. As a homeowner, you’ll enjoy pivot doors for these qualities:

  • Ability to be made larger than standard hinged doors
  • Striking appearance
  • Excellent door design for a contemporary home
  • Can be built to swing in both directions
  • Simple design
  • Quiet operation (no squeaking hinges)

Where is the best place to install a pivot door?

Although pivot doors are an ancient door design, today these doors can most often be found in homes built in a contemporary style. Pivot doors make an excellent entrance door and can be used indoors as well. Pivot doors work well in an entrance to a dining room, or in the door between the foyer and living room.

Bifold Door

A bifold door is a door that folds up like an accordion when it is open, and stretches out into side by side panels when it is closed. Bifold glass doors look like a wall of windows when stretched closed, and therefore make a perfect addition to a home with a beautiful view of the water or of the natural surroundings.

Bifold doors are excellent for entertaining because they open wide to bring the indoors and outdoors together. If you’re a homeowner with a lovely landscape outdoors that you wish you could look at more often, or if you’re a homeowner who enjoys entertaining many guests at once, bifold doors may be the right door type for you. Consider bifold doors to replace your traditional patio doors or French doors.


What are the benefits of a bifold folding door?

Bifold doors are an excellent option for homeowners with just the right needs. Here’s what to know about the benefits of bifold doors:

  • Can be made extra large to fit a very wide space
  • Are made up of several glass panels connected together, to allow for beautiful views indoors
  • Have excellent aesthetic appeal
  • Excellent for entertaining, can be opened very wide to accommodate large groups and large pieces of furniture

Where is the best place to install a bifold folding door?

The best place to install a bifold door is usually on the side of your house facing your backyard or on a side of the house facing a beautiful view. If you have a deck or if your home opens out onto waterfront property, a bifold doors allows you to remove the barriers between your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces.

Pocket Sliding Glass Doors

Pocket sliding glass doors create a simple and stylish entrance for your home’s patio or back door. Pocket sliding glass doors take up less space than hinged doors because they simply slide on a track along the wall. Pocket sliding glass doors have a chic contemporary look that can add modern flair to your home while allowing natural light to enter your home’s interior spaces.

Pocket sliding glass doors make an excellent addition to anyone’s backyard spaces. Like bifold doors, they’re an excellent option for any homeowner that enjoys entertaining, as well as any homeowner who want to ensure as much natural light in their home as possible.

What are the benefits of pocket sliding glass doors?

Homeowners choose pocket sliding glass doors for many reasons. Here’s what to know about pocket sliding glass doors:

  • Take up minimal space because they don’t swing outward or inward on a hinge
  • Promote beautiful views
  • Allow natural light into the house
  • Can be opened to promote good air flow

Where is the best place to install pocket sliding glass doors?

Although they can be installed nearly anywhere, many people install a pocket sliding glass door in the entrance leading to their backyard, patio or deck.

Unique and Custom Finish Options

There are many unique and custom finish options for aluminum doors, including woodgrains. Woodgrain aluminum door options give your door the appearance of being a solid wood door, but with the easy functionality of aluminum.

Whereas natural wood doors need to be periodically refinished and are sensitive to water exposure, aluminum doors are naturally rot resistant. If you’re seeking an aluminum door that defies expectations and adds to the beauty of your home, install an aluminum door with woodgrain appearance.

Why Choose A Door That Makes a Statement?

The history of civilization is a story of innovation and creativity. In our best moments, humans are capable of creating great structures that have both function and beauty.

While many people choose to live in homes that look ordinary, you can make your home look extraordinary. Choose a door that leaves you thinking about its shape and form minutes or even hours after you’ve last seen it.

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