Make a Stunning First Impression with the Pivot Door

This may come as a surprise, but pivot doors are an ancient concept. They have been found at archeological sites and in ancient civilizations. These exotic doors once graced the entryways to cities, villages, and temples.

Today, they’re also found in luxury homes and in architecturally unique buildings. Pivot doors have many advantages that make them superior in value, beauty, and functionality. Their unusual design allows them to bear extra weight from heavy materials like stone.

Pivot doors can also be made in extra large sizes that are not possible when working with standard hinged doors. If you’re a homeowner seeking a door that will create a grand entrance to your home, the pivot door may be exactly what you’re looking for.

What Is a Pivot Door?

A pivot door is a door that operates on a vertical axis that sticks into the ground. Instead of swinging on a hinge to open, the pivot door pivots on its axis.

Typically, the axis is located close to the edge, but not on the very edge. A small tail portion of the door is located on the other side of the axis, and when the door opens, this tail portion swings in the opposite direction of the door, revealing a small gap.

What Do Pivot Doors Look Like?

When closed, pivot doors look like any other door. It’s only when the door is opened that the axis becomes obvious, and the differences between the pivot door and a standard door become clear.

Hinges are often a point of weakness on a standard door. The door can only be as large as the hinges can support, otherwise the hinges will break.

Pivot doors are different from hinge doors in that they are sometimes larger or wider than standard doors. The axis makes it possible to support a larger than normal door. In addition, pivot doors can be made from extra heavy material, like a very large slab of stone.

How Are Pivot Doors Maintained?

Pivot doors, particularly aluminum doors, are easily maintained. Clean your door periodically with a dry microfiber cloth, to remove any dirt or debris on the door itself. If the door becomes more significantly dirty, use a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap to clean the door’s surface. Next, dry the door with a dry microfiber cloth. Follow all manufacturer recommendations for cleaning your pivot door.

What Are the Benefits of Pivot Doors?

For many homeowners, the benefits of the pivot door are surprising and unexpected. Pivot doors can be a real surprise compared to standard doors, which can be limited by their own design. Some of the benefits of pivot doors include:

Not confined to standard door size or dimensions. Pivot doors can be very large, wide, and heavy. This makes it possible to install a pivot door that’s huge and impressive. Compared to standard doors, pivot doors can be a shock to see in a front entrance.

Contributes to curb appeal. Pivot doors can become an important part of your home’s curb appeal. These visually stunning doors can contribute to a sleek, modern appearance that enhances the appearance of your home.

High value. Anything that contributes to your home’s curb appeal contributes to your home’s value, as it is curb appeal that helps sell your home when it goes on the market.

Easy opening and closing action. The unique design of pivot doors contributes to their easy opening and closing action. Even doors that are much larger and heavier than standard hinged doors are easy to open and close when they’re operating on a pivot.

Buy Your Pivot Door from a Reputable Dealer

It’s important to buy your pivot door from a reputable company, known for making high value products. When purchasing a pivot door for your home, the following tips can help you find the right door manufacturer and dealer:

  • Shop around. Once you’ve compared at least two or three companies to each other, the best door maker will likely stand out for the quality of their products, their good customer service and their communication with their customers
  • Visit the doors in the showroom. See the doors you’re considering in person. Visiting the showroom will give you an extra level of interaction with the company, which will help you decide whether they’re the right company for your home.

You may find it’s best to find a company that sells a variety of products, doors and windows, perhaps, so you can keep coming back to that same company for a variety of products. When you buy impact windows and doors from a reputable company, you help protect your home from the damaging effects of wind, rain and other environmental factors in Florida.

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