Protect Your Home Without Sacrificing Beauty

Beauty and security are often at odds with one another. Think now of a secure building that you’ve been to in the past. Maybe you noticed big locks on the doors, thick glass on the windows, security cameras in the corners. Many aesthetic sacrifices happen in the name of security. Does this mean that your home must look secure in order to be secure?

The answer may surprise you. Beautiful homes don’t have to look like they’ve been locked down in order to be as secure as possible. Use of impact windows, laminated insulating glass, and other features like smart locks can help make your home a secure place without making it formidable or closed up. Making smart design choices can get you far on the road to making your home safe and secure in style.

Impact Windows Offer Elegance and Protection

Impact windows and doors are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds as well as flying debris. Impact windows are made from laminated or laminated insulating glass. Laminated glass has two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer. Laminated Insulating glass adds an extra single pane of glass to the laminated glass unit with a sealed air filled space in between. This glass and plastic sandwich is the key to keeping your house from high impacts of all kinds. During a storm, glass can be impacted by objects picked up by the force of the wind. Even if the laminated glass in an impact window breaks, the interlayer holds the glass together to prevent air and rain intrusion.

Impact windows and doors deliver significant protection against storms or would-be intruders while adding style and beauty to your home. In fact, many homeowners are surprised by how strong and sturdy impact windows can be, without requiring thick, bulky frames. Window Walls, for example, appear virtually frameless and yet are made of impact glass designed to protect your home during the strongest and most frightening of storms. While the wind rages outside, your windows and doors remain secure.

Impact windows can help protect your home from damage that could rise into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Wouldn’t you prefer to know that your home is protected?

Hurricane Glass Protects from More than Just High Impacts

Laminated and laminated insulating glass is designed to stay in the frame even after enduring significant or repeated impacts, including impacts from human activity. Intruders may attempt to smash or break your glass doors and windows, but they’ll find it difficult to do. Impact glass is designed to withstand hurricanes, which means it’s more than adequate to protect your home from would-be burglars.

In addition, impact glass helps protect your home from other intrusions, including the intrusion of heat and sound. Use impact glass to keep your home safe from uncomfortable temperatures, even when it’s scorching hot outside. If you live in an area with a lot of noise – whether that’s noise from lawn mowers, tourists, traffic or dogs – impact glass can help keep those sounds out, making your home an oasis of peace and serenity.

Opt for Security Upgrades that Make a Difference In Your Home

High performance doors and windows also feature modern, high-security hardware and locks that go a long way to preventing intruders from accessing your home. When you purchase luxury impact windows and doors, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your windows and doors are made from the strongest and highest quality materials available — including the locks.

When it comes to home security, you don’t have to stop with the locking mechanisms that come with your windows and doors. There are many other upgrades that you can seek on your own to ensure that your home is well-protected at all hours of the day, and while you’re away. Some potential features to consider for a more secure home:

  • Wireless, “hidden in plain sight” security camera networks. Discreet surveillance cameras are available for sale through online markets and can be installed by a savvy DIYer. They’re also sold through companies that perform installation and offer subscription monitoring. Today, these security camera networks offer homeowners the ability to monitor their own home through smartphone apps, so they can look in on pets and visitors, even while they’re not at home.
  • Property gates. Property gates help keep unwanted individuals from potential intruders to sales people. Property gates can also help prevent anyone from viewing your home from a distance. Like surveillance cameras, property gates can be controlled through your smartphone as well as through controls in your home. Shop around for the right functionality for your property.
  • Smart doorbells. Smart doorbells are available for sale individually and can also be sold along with security surveillance cameras. Smart doorbells enable you to see who’s at the door, and what they’re doing there.
  • Smart locks. Smart locks can be controlled via your smartphone. They allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, as long as you have access to Wi-Fi or data. Using smart locks, you can also tell when your home was unlocked, how long it stayed unlocked, and more. Some smart locks use a control pad for unlocking your door, while others may use a fingerprint ID. You can choose the locks that’s right for your home.
  • Smart blinds. Prevent people from seeing inside your home while you’re away with the use of smart blinds, which can be raised or lowered through a control panel in your smartphone. Lowering blinds can prevent intruders from scoping your home’s interior, which can discourage someone from making plans to compromise your home’s safety.

Your Home Can Be Secure – Without Looking Like a Fortress

You can have a safe and secure home without living in a fortress. New devices like smart locks and video doorbells give you the power to keep your home safe while you’re away, while impact windows and doors make your house as strong as possible. To find out more about making your home safe and secure with impact products, shop around with reputable window dealers that offer luxury products befitting of your property.

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