Ride the Natural Wave for Your Next Home Makeover

Home Makeover? Ride the Natural Wave

Nature can be peaceful and serene, so surrounding yourself with natural materials in your own home can reduce feelings of anxiety, while also establishing enduring style in your indoor spaces. Natural decor brings a sense of meaning to your space, and that in turn can help you feel more at ease when you’re inside your home’s walls.

There are many things you can do to introduce nature into your indoor environment. In fact, most homes already have some natural style to them, because most homes are made from natural materials like wood and stone. By making just a few smart decor decisions, you can emphasize that natural status inside as well as out.

Select Natural Finishes and Fixtures

There are many natural materials that you can find for your home’s finishes and fixtures. Remember that each type of material has unique benefits and maintenance requirements. Choose the materials that really match your lifestyle as well as your personal aesthetic preferences.


Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has been a treasured part of many homes for centuries, because it’s durable and long-lasting. When it becomes scratched or stained, it can be resurfaced for continual use. In addition, the warmth and beauty of hardwood is second to none. Hardwood can be stained in a dark color for a high-contrast elegance, or it can be stained with a soft ash or warm honey color for a subtler and less dramatic impact.

You may be able to stain your hardwood flooring in a darker color in the future, so don’t feel like you’ve fully committed yourself to one color once the planks are installed. Just remember, hardwood flooring needs to stay sealed and should be dry mopped regularly to keep it clean. Protect your flooring from scratches by installing felt pads on the bottoms of your chairs and furnishings.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling on the walls can darken your home, but in limited quantities, wood paneling creates a rustic beauty. Consider installing wood paneling in your dining room or guest room for a little visual interest and natural elegance.

Wood Beams Overhead

Wood ceiling beams give your home a look of strength and permanence. Wood beams also create dynamic lines that draw the eyes upward and add a sense of height and space to cathedral ceilings. Your home doesn’t have to be built with wood beams. Faux beams can be installed after the fact for dramatic effect.

Stone Floors

Stone is everlasting. Stone tiles installed in the kitchen, foyer or bathroom can give your home a true sense of permanence and stability. Choose a stone that weathers well and matches your home decor. In high traffic areas, marble may not be the best option because it’s a very soft stone.

Granite wears well and lasts a very long time without scratching. Remember that any stone you install may need to be sealed in order to be protected from water, as most stone types are porous and will absorb liquid that is spilled or dragged in on shoes.

Stone Backsplash

Just as a stone tile floor is strong,  durable, and beautiful, a stone backsplash in your kitchen adds a decorative touch to your walls while also protecting the porous drywall or plaster underneath. Install a colorful stone backsplash to give your kitchen the decorative beauty and durability it needs to last for years.

Coordinate your stone backsplash with your countertops, or consider installing a slab backsplash that’s perfectly matched to your countertops. This new trend creates continuity in your home, and makes your backsplash easier to clean because it’s all one piece.


Choose Furniture and Decor Made from Natural Materials

Whether you like contemporary or traditional styles, high-quality furnishings and decor made from natural materials are available for high end, luxury homes. For the best quality and results, choose custom-made furnishings and decor.


Furniture Made from Wood and Natural Upholstery

Wood has an enduring, timelessness that appeals to many. Wood can be used to make chairs, tables, beds, stools, and more. Chairs and sofas made from wood can further be upholstered in wool for a natural, lasting beauty. Quality furniture made from this material can be handed down from one generation to the next. Consider purchasing hand-crafted pieces for extra value and aesthetic appeal.


Decor Made from Natural Materials

Decorations made from natural materials like driftwood, stones and dried flowers can add a rustic quality to your home. If you live along the beach, decorating with seashells helps bring the beautiful coastal environment into your home. Whether you live along the coast or inland, consider using objects from the natural environment to make a centerpiece on your table or even a shadow box for your wall.


Decorate With Seasonal Items

Honor the passage of time and the coming of the seasons by decorating with seasonal items like wreaths, fall leaves, spring flowers, and other items that you can only find in your environment at a specific time of year. You can find your own items outside, or purchase items from a home decor store.

Introduce Indoor Plants

Indoor plants help bring the outside into your house. If possible, decorate your home with plants that could be found just outside your door. For example, if you live in a warm-weather area with a tropical climate, decorate your home with tropical plants like bromeliads and palms. This creates echoes of the world outside, and introduces the natural element into your home.

Bring the Light Inside (and the Views!)

Install well-placed picture windows and doors with windows to allow as much natural light as possible into your home. When you’re trying to decide where to position your picture windows, consider the movement of the sun and how the light will hit your home, and the views outside.

Position your doors and windows so they’ll capture the best views. If you’re placing a picture window on a north or east-facing wall, remember that window will never get direct sunlight. In this case, consider picture window sizes that are as large as possible will help maximize the natural light in the room.

Be sure to install a fixed window that offers good energy efficiency. If you live in a coastal area, seek out high performance impact resistant windows and doors to help protect your home from flying debris during a storm.

Block Out Distractions to Bring Peace and Serenity To Your Home

Natural serenity is hard to achieve when you’re listening to the sounds of the highway or airplanes overhead. You can block out these distractions with noise-dampening doors and windows. Install products from a quality manufacturer that you can trust to ensure best results.

The Beauty of the Natural World Can Be Yours

You may live indoors, but you can still enjoy the beauty of nature in your own home. Bringing nature indoors through natural materials, decor, and with elegant doors and windows, you can enjoy the feeling of peace and happiness that it brings.

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