Set the Stage for Memorable Holiday Hosting

Summer has passed, and soon the holidays will be upon us. At this time of year, it’s good to incorporate new traditions and surprises into your holiday routines. Using new decor and home updates, you can make this holiday season the best one yet. With trending holiday decor and renovations that make entertaining a breeze, your holidays will be full of the party, goodwill and cheer that makes this time of year so special.

Use Trendy Holiday Decor

Holiday decor trends can change. You may remember the bubble lights of the 1970’s, or the large vintage lights common on trees in the 1950’s. Trends change, and old holiday decor can get stale. Keep your home festive with new holiday decorations and ideas like the ones below.

Decorate With Unexpected Colors

Green and red may be traditional holiday colors, but that doesn’t mean that you’re locked into this kind of color scheme when you’re decorating for holidays. Coral and pink, black and white, lavender and blue – you can use whatever color combinations make the most sense for your home’s color scheme and decor. You may need to spend some time shopping around to find the right holiday decorations for your home, but that makes decorating even more fun.

Choose a Tree that Matches Your Home’s Palette

Artificial trees come in a range of colors, from white to pink to silver. Don’t feel obligated to choose a Christmas tree that looks like a real tree; choose the tree that you like best. If your modern luxury home is white, bright and beautiful, then a brightly colored tree to match may be best for your house.

Place a Tree Somewhere Unexpected

Christmas trees aren’t just for the living room. Buy a tree for placement in an unexpected location. Put your extra tree in the foyer where guests will see it when they enter, or put a tree in your guest bedroom so your party guests can enjoy holiday cheer even when they turn in for the night.

Theme Your Tree

Choose a theme for your Christmas tree – one that reflects your personality and tastes. Maybe you’re in the construction business, or perhaps you love gardening. Whatever your tastes, choose ornaments that show who you are. The more interesting your theme, the more of a conversation piece your tree will be. Keep in mind that colors can be themes too. Choose colors that match the decor in your home to ensure your tree will look just right when it goes up.

Holiday Throw Pillows, Candles and Blankets

You can’t go wrong with cozy decorations like throw pillows that say “Noel” and holiday candles that have holly berries encased in wax. Decorate your home with these cozy objects that reflect your holiday spirit while also making you feel warm and happy inside.

Place Garland in the Guest Room

You don’t need to decorate a whole tree in the guestroom to get into the holiday spirit. Drape a garland over the headboard or on the dresser to remind your guests that it’s the holiday time of year.

Select Unique Holiday Menu Ideas

Everyone expects you to serve ham or turkey on Christmas, in a meal that looks a lot like Thanksgiving. What if you stepped outside the box? Curate a menu that’s as delicious as it is unique, with unexpected food choices like Shepard’s pie, lemon asparagus pasta or bacon-wrapped shrimp.

Whatever you decide to serve, don’t forget to consider the special dietary needs of your guests. Ask in advance to find out if anyone has special considerations, and don’t be afraid to try some gluten-free, vegetarian or even vegan meal options. If you’re inviting a very large group of people, plan to offer a few vegetarian options just in case some guests need it.

Create An Indoor/Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Utilizing outdoor space allows you to invite even more people to your house for a joyful holiday party. If you don’t have an outdoor serving space, now may be the time to create one. Here are some tips that can help.

Blur the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor

Install doors and windows that allow you to open your home’s interior to the outside world. This can double or triple your entertaining space, while also providing a beautiful view of your property that’s visible from your home’s interior. There are multiple ways to accomplish this.

  • Install a bifold door that can fold completely back to allow indoor and outdoor guests to mingle in the same space.
  • Install a floor to ceiling sliding glass door to provide beautiful views when closed, and easy access to the outside when open. Remember that you can install multiple panels on your sliding glass doors, so your sliding glass door will open wider when desired.

When deciding which type of door to install, go see the options in person to help make your choice. Bifold doors and sliding glass doors can look similar when closed, but have very different ways of opening. Seeing these options in person can help you decide which one is right for you.

Update Your Indoor and Outdoor Kitchen

Update your home’s kitchen to utilize new appliances and fixtures for an updated, attractive look. Install timeless features like durable stone countertops and long-lasting hardwood floors. While you’re at it, remove walls around your kitchen that make mingling more difficult, and install a high countertop for your guests to sit at while you’re cooking and preparing your holiday meal.

If you have an outdoor kitchen, make updates if needed to ensure that it looks and functions its best. If you don’t yet have an outdoor kitchen, now is the time. Install an outdoor dining area for your guests (including outdoor heaters for those chilly winter days) and a grilling area where you can smoke a holiday turkey.

Add Extra Spaces For Sitting and Eating

The more, the merrier at your holiday feast! Adding extra dining space to your home allows you to accommodate a larger dinner party if that’s your heart’s desire. You can do this by removing a dining room wall or expanding your dining room outward in a home addition.

Install a larger dining room table for your dinner party. Before you make these changes, know in advance how many people you’d like to be able to accommodate. Having a goal in mind helps ensure that you can meet that goal through your home remodel.

Curate a Holiday Playlist

Take some time to collect your favorite holiday tunes on a playlist for your upcoming celebrations. If you’re planning multiple parties or events, plan to create multiple playlists. Keep in mind that some people like sophisticated chamber music, others want their holiday music to have a swinging beat they can dance to. Know your audience and be ready with a playlist they’ll love.

May Your Holidays Be Merry and Bright

The holidays are fast approaching. Getting ready now will help ensure that your holidays will be merry, happy and bright. Make your list of goals and get started, so you’ll be prepared for your next holiday party.

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