Set the Stage: Hosting a Memorable Summer Soiree

Ah, summer. There’s no better time of year to invite your friends to your home for an enjoyable soiree. With the scent of tropical flowers in the air, hanging cafe lights gently moving back and forth on the breeze, and the beat of happy music filling the air, you can host a party like no other.

It’s easier to host a successful party if you have your home set up for a successful gathering. Setting the stage means decorating, creating a space for comfortable dining, lighting the area for nighttime dancing, and of course, creating an exotic space around your patio or deck. Attending to these details in advance of your party can make your home as glamorous as it is comfortable.

With these tips, you can host a summer party that you and your friends won’t soon forget.

Update or Install Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are popular for good reason. Outdoor kitchens make outdoor entertaining that much more enjoyable. If you don’t have an outdoor kitchen on your luxury property already, now is the time to make it happen. If you do have an outdoor kitchen, it may be time for an update. Some changes to consider:

Create a shaded area for dining. The outdoor sun can get intense on a hot summer day. Installing a shaded area for dining ensures that your guests will feel comfortable lounging around in your backyard for hours as they talk, drink, and have fun.

Install a ceiling fan for air circulation. Installing a ceiling fan in that shaded area can increase your guest’s comfort even more. You may also consider installing a misting station for cooling your guests as they lounge.

Add a wet bar. No outdoor party is complete without a wet bar. Don’t forget the stools at the counters, for guests who want to sit close to the bartender and talk while they sip.

Install luxury appliances. If you already have an outdoor kitchen, then you almost certainly have an outdoor refrigerator for holding food. Consider installing a drink cooler or a blender for your outdoor space, to make it easier to serve guests.

Install attractive natural stone countertops. Natural stone countertops can perform well in outdoor spaces. It’s important to keep them well sealed to prevent them from absorbing moisture. Avoid installing engineered stone (also known as quartz), as this type of stone can fade in sunlight.

Install multiple cooking stations. Maybe you like charcoal grilling sometimes, and propane grilling at other times. You can install both types of grills in your outdoor kitchen.

Install Lovely Landscaping

Keep up with the landscaping around your outdoor spaces to give your backyard a lush, fertile beauty. Tropical plants can create an ambiance that’s perfect for summer parties, while more traditional gardening options (roses, hydrangeas, and so on) fit nicely with homes that have traditional architecture.

Either way, it’s important to work with a landscaping company to install landscaping that will impress guests and make your space beautiful to behold. Once the plants are installed, it’s even more important to hire professionals to keep up with maintenance and care.

Provide Indoor/Outdoor Music

Installed hardwired stereo equipment in your home to provide music to guests indoors and outdoors. Connect your stereo to your smartphone so you can MC your own party with the touch of a button. Obtain a variety of music options and switch up the choices from one party to the next.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for your party gives you direction when you’re decorating and selecting food. Tell visitors about your theme, so they can get into the spirit before they ever show up at the party. Themes can affect the way your visitors dress. Encourage them to dress up to match your party’s theme, whatever it is.

Make cocktails that align with your party’s theme, and let the theme inform everything from the music to the food options. Not sure how to choose a theme? It might be the name of a song, a location, or even a year. Your theme can be nostalgic and sweet, or wild and exciting. Let the theme inform the colors as well.

Be Ready for Nighttime Entertaining

Light the area. Good lighting is important for nighttime entertaining. Good lighting helps create a pleasant ambiance and also makes for a safe environment where you can entertain.

Use heaters on chilly nights. Extend your entertaining season into the fall with heaters for chilly nights. Hardwire them into your deck/patio area, or you can buy portable ones that can be brought out when the time is right.

Create An Inviting Entrance To Your Patio or Pool Area

Your patio or pool area is where a lot of the action takes place, so make it the belle of the ball with attractive features like an elegant terrace door or a sliding glass door that makes your space stand out. You may even consider blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces with a multi-panel bifold door that opens into your outdoor area.

Flank the sides of each door with tropical plants, and hang café lights near the patio entrance. Use these features of this nature to make your outdoor space look more than just inviting-make it look magical.

When choosing an elegant terrace door, a sliding glass door, or a multi-panel bifold door, buy a fixture from a quality dealer and manufacturer with a reputation for creating durable, high-value products. Your luxury home needs sliding glass doors that will withstand years of use and continue to look their best. Shop around for sliding patio doors you can trust. If you’re trying to decide what material your sliding patio doors should be made from, consider an aluminum door. Aluminum doors are strong and durable, and can hold large panes of glass easily.

Start Planning Now

Summer is just beginning. Now is the time to get your summer parties on the calendar. Start planning so you’ll be ready for the first big event. With just a few months of summer, you don’t have long to get your plans underway.

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