Six Doors That Are As Strong As They Are Stylish

Enduring strength. Timeless beauty. Total security. This is what homeowners expect from their home’s doors. But which doors are best for your home? Buying luxury products and fixtures for your home isn’t simply about choosing the most attractive doors you can find. It’s vitally important to find doors that are strong as well as stylish, to endure through storms as well as years of wear and tear.

Knowing your options is important. Door choices go beyond standard front doors and sliding patio doors. If you’re a homeowner with a high-end home in Florida, you have many types of doors to choose from.

Estate Entrance

Nothing protects your home like an Estate Entrance that combines beauty and strength into one elegant product. Estate Entrance doors come in a variety of finishes and have many hardware choices, glass types and come in many sizes as well. Estate Entrance products are rated to be hurricane and intruder-resistant.

Contemporary estate entrances. Contemporary estate entrances bring together the elegance and sophistication of clean, contemporary lines and sturdy modern construction. With a range of standard and premium finishes, contemporary levers, and handles, and glass options ranging from misty pattern to tinted glass, contemporary estate entrances bring luxury to your home.

Traditional estate entrances. Traditional estate entrances are the perfect doors for homes built with a traditional style. In addition to the range of glass options and the many finishes available, traditional estate entrances also include a range of grille options, allowing for an almost customized appearance.

Thermally Broken Terrace Door

A thermally broken terrace door is constructed from a frame and a large unbroken panel of glass. These doors are constructed to accommodate large panels of glass and still retain their high-impact and non-impact resistance certifications.

Thermally broken terrace doors have low-E glass options to help ensure that your home is comfortable throughout the year, even at times when the blazing sun shines through, and in the winter when your home is heated. These doors also come with glass of many colors, including green, blue, gray, and more.

Pivot Door

Pivot doors are unlike any other doors because they’re designed to pivot instead of open and close on hinges. These doors rotate on a vertical axis, called a spindle. This may sound unique, but pivot doors have been around for thousands of years, and examples of pivot doors have been found in antiquity.

What are the advantages of pivot doors?

  • Size. Pivot doors can be made very large -including very wide and tall – because they don’t rely on hinges to support their weight.
  • Material flexibility. Because weight is not a concern, pivot doors can be made from nearly any materials, including stone.
  • Luxury. The unique beauty of pivot doors makes them almost a work of art – and certainly a focal point of your luxury home.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are made from a bottom-mounted system that can be found on homes as well as commercial storefronts. You may have seen these doors before in restaurants that open onto a patio area, for example.

Featuring a heavy-duty frame, bifold doors are designed to provide energy efficiency, durability and security. Use a bifold door to open out onto your home’s outdoor living space, then close the door again when it’s time to go back inside. Impact options are available.

Sliding Glass doors

Sliding glass doors may sound standard, but there’s nothing standard about a door with custom panel configurations and corner door options. The best sliding glass doors are designed to open easily with a low-friction, rolling motion.

Larger sliding glass doors come in heights of up to 12 feet tall, to provide a lovely view of the waterfront or lawn outside. Sliding glass doors may be designed to be impact resistant, for families living in coastal areas where tropical storms and hurricanes are a potential problem.

French Doors

Nothing says sophistication like French doors. Providing stunning views of the outside, combined with classic, European beauty, French doors offer the best of all worlds. Install your French doors on your home’s patio or even in an interior setting.

French doors come available in a range of finishes and with classic door handles also available in a range of finishes. Choose the colors and glazing that’s right for your home.

Want a Superior Door for Your Home? Tips to Help

You can make your home beautiful with a strong, stylish luxury door. Start by contacting a reputable window and door company that sells luxury products, ranging from large sliding doors to folding glass doors, French doors, Estate Entrances and more.

Consider getting references before hiring a window and door company to install a new door on your home. Get multiple quotes, but don’t hire the least expensive company in an effort to save money. Hire the company that will install a quality product on your home for a price that you can afford.

Finally, work with a company that has a reputation for excellence. Working with a good company makes all the difference.

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