The Entry Door, the Jewel of the Home

Nothing elevates your home like an elegant entry door. From the color to the material, design and style, your home’s entry door enhances the value and beauty of your home’s facade. Selecting the right entry door for your home can improve the way you experience your home while impressing guests. The entry door is the first eye-catching feature that passersby notice when they see your home, and ultimately, the front door is a signifier of your home’s character and style.

Choosing the right entry door is important. There are many factors to consider when selecting a door. Taking an organized approach to the selection of the front door while also considering all the most relevant factors can help. Here’s what to know.

The Value of a High-End Entry Door

High-end entry doors have a great deal of value, which makes selecting the best entry door all the more important. Below are several ways that high-end entry doors have value for homeowners.

Curb appeal. Curb appeal is what makes your home lovely to behold. The more beautiful, the better! An elegant front door helps tie together the many visual elements of your home’s facade to create a fully realized, complete structure.

Improve home value. A beautiful front door can improve your home’s value by increasing the functionality and appearance of your home. The ROI on a front door replacement is approximately 75%.

Energy efficiency. Modern entry doors enjoy high energy performance ratings due to innovations in insulation and weatherstripping. The best and most energy efficient doors are designated with insulated glass containing low-emissivity coatings.

Elegance and sophistication. High-end entry doors in particular offer elegance and sophistication that can make or break your home’s style. Working with an architect or designer to select the entry door for your home is important to ensure the best match for your home’s style, and most cohesive home facade possible. There are a range of door styles, so choosing the right type of door style for your home is important.

Functionality. Last but not least, high-end entry doors are functional to their core. Easy open and closing action, secure locking mechanism, and a simple latch and more are just a few of the design features that you can expect from your high-end entry door.

Choosing the Right Entry Door

If you’re working with a designer or an architect, selecting the right front door for your home won’t be very difficult. However, if you’re choosing your front door on your own, consider the following characteristics before trying to pick the right entry door for your home.

Shopping in-person can help you make a decision, as some products look different on the showroom floor than they do online. Knowing what other factors to consider can help you narrow down your choices and make the right selection for your home.

Design. Entry doors can be designed in different ways. Pivot doors, for example, pivot on an axis inserted into the ground, while standard doors open and close on a hinge. When you’re selecting a design, consider ease of use, aesthetic, and whether that particular design will serve your needs at home.

Style. Entry doors come in many styles including contemporary, traditional, transitional, and more. When you’re looking for doors, it’s important to consider brands that offer doors of a variety of styles, to ensure that you’re able to find the type of door style that most appeals to you.

Material. Doors can be made from many materials including glass and metal. Aluminum and glass doors are highly durable and require little maintenance other than the occasional cleaning. Glass adds an element of sophistication to the door but at the same time can reveal many details about life inside the house. Obscure glass can hide what’s happening on the other side, so it’s a common choice for front entry doors.

Color or finish. The color or finish for your entry door should reinforce and enhance the style of your home. Most doors come in a range of finishes and paint colors. Again, it’s a good idea to view the door in person at a showroom before settling on a specific color for your home.

Tips for Making a Door Selection and Installation

Open your mind to the possibility of a door style that’s different from your current door. Just because your home has a specific type of door knob doesn’t mean that you’ll need to keep that same door style in the future.

Have your door professionally installed by a contractor you trust. Some dealers will help you find a contractor that gets the job done, others will ask you to find the contractor on your own. Either way, it’s important to work with a professional that has a record of success and a reputation for performing quality work. Check references when hiring a contractor.

Choosing the Right Brand of Door

Door manufacturers are not created equal. When you’re seeking a door that’s right for your home, consider a variety of factors about the brand, including reputation and quality. Look for a company that has won awards and offers doors in a range of styles. If you know anyone who has installed those types of doors in their home, ask them about their experience. Choose a company with a professional website and a portfolio of doors that offer value, no matter what type of door is selected.

  • Shop around. Shopping around makes it possible to compare door types, so it becomes clear which doors are the best for your home.
  • Visit showrooms. Visiting showrooms forces you to slow down in your search, so you can feel confident that you’ve found the best door for your needs.
  • Seek a brand that fits your tastes. Many companies make doors, but high end homes need high end doors. Seek a brand that makes doors befitting of your home.

Remain Open to the Possibilities

Buying a door starts with research and keeping an open mind. There are many door types to choose from, especially when you’re shopping with a high-end door company that’s committed to serving homeowners with a range of aesthetic tastes.

Once you’ve shopped around, you’ll have a better idea about the type of door that’s best for your home. Don’t be afraid to try something new. As long as you’re buying a quality door, you’d be surprised by how many door types could fit in the role of front door at your house.

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