Terrace Door Thermally Broken Aluminum

Thermally Broken Aluminum: Innovation for Today’s Homes

As seasons change, many homeowners may find themselves continually adjusting interior controls to stay comfortable due to air loss from windows and doors. Thermally broken aluminum doors and windows are one way to stop this air loss. Thermally broken aluminum technology insulates interiors from swinging temperatures, reducing the need to adjust the thermostat. The result is lower energy costs with more stable temperature ranges.

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How does air loss occur in windows and doors?

According to Penn State, “Warm inside air gives up energy through the window and becomes cold, sinking to the bottom of the room. Cold outside air hits the windowpane, picks up energy, and then warm air rises. This is how heat loss occurs through a window.” A similar situation occurs for cold air losses in a residence. No matter the lost temperature, it can be costly, and the more windows and doors a home has, the more opportunity there is for air loss.

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What does thermally broken mean?

Thermally broken is a term that relates to the frame of a window or door. Frames have a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of a home. While glass type can also assist with energy efficiency, the frame type is just as important. Thermally broken aluminum frame products are an effective conductor of energy. When thinking about doors and windows, the term “break” may seem alarming. However, by adding a break between the exterior and interior of a frame, window and door manufacturers prevent the transfer of heat or cold. The break creates an insulated barrier within the frame, which improves energy efficiency for the entire home. The built-in insulation of these frames makes them an ideal choice for coastal homes.

What are the benefits of thermally broken aluminum?

  • Security: The strength of these frames also helps create a strong physical barrier between the interior and exterior of a residence.
  • Sound reduction: Not only do thermally broken windows reduce air loss, but they also assist with sound reduction. Thermally broken products offer both acoustic and thermal insulation to residences. 
  • Durable and non-corrosive: The durability and non-corrosive nature of thermally broken products make them ideal for coastal regions.

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What are WinDoor’s thermally broken aluminum product lines?

WinDoor offers both thermally broken windows and doors. Learn more about these products to determine if they are ideal for your next project:

  • WinDoor’s 9100 sliding glass door is impact and non-impact panels that allow for perfect climate control.
  • The 9050 terrace door offers an appealing interior frame and panel aesthetics with a secure view of the beautiful outdoors. 
  • Thermally broken aluminum frames of the WinDoor LS9000T lift and slide door allow for ideal climate control, resulting in lower energy costs and more stable temperature ranges.
  • With the strength of aluminum and the energy ratings of vinyl comes this thermally broken 9020 fixed picture window.
  • Find that classic look and feel of a casement window with a high-performing, thermally broken product with WinDoor’s 9060 casement window.
  • The 9066  awning window is not like the rest—it outperforms most with high-impact and non-impact certifications. 
  • WinDoor’s 9063 fixed window features a thermally broken frame for ideal climate control.
  • The 9400 single hung window is engineered with WinDoor’s Thermally Broken Aluminum I-Strut technology to provide a window that is energy efficient for years to come.
  • The 9470 horizontal sliding window is perfect for custom homes, beachfront living, or the downtown high-rise penthouse.

The benefits and science behind thermally broken aluminum frames are extensive. Residences that demand both architectural beauty with leading-edge materials will benefit from thermally broken aluminum products.

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