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This is Why Impact Luxury Doors Are A Must this Season

If you live in a high-end home, a luxury front door is the only type of door to consider. Impact-rated luxury doors are preferred to standard luxury doors, having many benefits that go beyond beauty and ROI.

Want to hear something astonishing? A new front door can add as much as $24,000 to your home’s perceived value. Whether you’re thinking about selling your home sometime in the near future or simply want to perform a home improvement project that delivers high value, installing a new front door is a worthy project.

Stand Out

Anyone can buy a door, but not everyone can buy a luxury front door that transforms their home. Impact luxury doors stand out for their extraordinary beauty and quality of construction. Whether you’re buying sliding doors for your home’s patio or impact front doors to create a grand entrance, you’ll need to make decisions about the door’s aesthetics and construction.

For example, a contemporary estate entrance combines sleek lines and stunning modern design to create a door that elevates and enhances your home’s appearance. A traditional estate entrance features a rich wood finish and superior durability to create a product that lasts for decades.

Sliding and terrace doors have their own aesthetic value. Each type comes available in a range of materials to match your home’s style. Work with your installer to select impact doors that really meet your needs.

Safer Than Standard Luxury Doors

Impact doors are designed to be safer than standard doors, because they can withstand impacts from objects traveling at high speeds. Standard doors can be compromised by flying debris in a tropical storm. When this happens, damage may be done to your house.

What Happens When a Door is Compromised During a Storm?

A damaged door during a tropical storm, especially a hurricane, is just as dangerous as a damaged window. Through the compromised entrance, wind rushes into the house, quickly increasing the air pressure inside. Roof blow-offs occur when the house fills with air pressure that rushes upward.

Do shutters offer protection equal to an impact door?

Homeowners with coastal properties have many options when it comes to impact protection, including window and door shutters. While shutters work, they don’t provide the same level of protection as impact doors.

Shutters also detract from the beauty of the home, and must be closed over the doors separately, so they don’t provide consistent protection. Shutters only work when they’re closed. Impact doors deliver extra value to the property by providing 24/7 protection. Without any extra effort from the homeowner, impact doors provide protection all the time.

Home Value

It’s well-known among real estate professionals that the appearance, quality and value of the front door can dramatically impact the home’s value. The more your front door is worth, the more your house is worth. A 2018 article from Mental Floss showed that even painting your home’s front door black could increase the value of your home by as much as $6,000.

If painting a front door black could increase your home’s value by this much, imagine how much you could increase your home’s value by adding a high-quality product like an impact front door.

How can you get the most value out of your home’s front door?

Choose wisely. Choose a front door that enhances your home’s architecture. Work with a designer to choose the perfect front door for your property.

Work with your real estate professional. If you choose to sell your home, work with your real estate professional to ensure that your impact windows and doors are a noted feature in your home’s listings. Buyers may not be able to tell from the appearance of your home that your doors are impact-rated. Only by pointing out this feature will buyers know to adjust their offer accordingly.

Buy impact doors from a reputable dealer and installer. Impact luxury doors are distinguished from other doors by their quality and construction. The only way you can trust your impact doors to add real value to your home is by purchasing these products from a reputable, well-known dealer.

Pass Certification Tests

What truly distinguishes a standard door from an impact door? Certification tests. In Florida, what truly matters is the NOA (Notice of Acceptance). Impact doors must pass rigorous tests that prove they’re able to withstand pressure changes, high impacts and more. These certification tests provide quality assurance and peace of mind for homeowners.

Buying a door with an impact certification enables homeowners to sleep easy at night knowing they’ve done everything they can to protect their home from high winds and the impacts of tropical storms, hurricanes and more.

Design Consistency

Design consistency is so important. If you have a luxury home, the only kind of exterior door that can match your home’s design, style, and quality is a luxury door. Impact luxury doors are the best of the best, top-tier doors that can provide design consistency for your home, regardless of whether your home is built with a traditional design or with contemporary architectural style.

Again, working with an experienced window and door installer and dealer can help you find the level of customization your home requires to match your home’s true beauty and appearance.

More Personal

Speaking to the level of customization, an impact luxury door should come with a variety of options including several types of glass, multiple types of levers and deadbolts, grille options, and finishes.

Lower end doors have fewer levels of customization and thus are less likely to fit the house where they’re installed. To ensure that your front doors truly meet your expectations, it’s important to install luxury impact models.

Ultimately, the better the quality of the door that you install on your home, the more value you’ll get from that product. Working with a reputable, well-known door installer in your area can help ensure that you get the best product for your needs.

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