Tips and Tricks for Your Glass Door

October is here, and it’s time to get ready for tricks and treats. In this article, we’ll discuss the best tips and tricks to make your glass doors a lovely, sophisticated part of your home. Your glass doors may be beautiful now, but you can make them even more beautiful with the right window treatments and other design choices. Whether you’re installing a new glass door or simply dressing up an old door, these tips can help you get the most use and benefit out of your glass door.


Natural light can improve the value of your home and make your home more attractive to guests and buyers. If you’re ever trying to stage your property, natural light is a must. Knowing how to maximize natural light can help you achieve perfection inside your house.

Ensure an Unblocked View

An unblocked view is critical for allowing natural light into your home’s interior spaces. Avoid placing shade-producing landscaping features and objects in front of your glass door. Keep any patio umbrellas far from your glass doors, for example, and move any potted plants so they’re not in the way of the sunshine.

Consider carefully before planting any shade trees on your property, and if considering installing any outdoor spaces like an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor dining area, work with your contractor to ensure that the new features you’re installing won’t take a toll on the natural light you’re allowing into your home.

Clean Your Glass Door Regularly

The cleaner the glass door is, the more natural light you can expect to see in your home. Clean your glass door regularly to avoid blocking the natural light. Watch your glass door for any smudges, and clean it whenever you see something that could impact the beauty of your glass door. Not sure how to clean your glass door perfectly?

Clean your glass door with homemade glass cleaner or a commercially available glass cleaner. Start by rinsing the glass with clean water to remove dirt and debris. Next, apply a soft water-saturated cloth or pre-mixed glass cleaner to the surface and rinse the glass with clean water. If you are using a pre-mixed cleaner, follow the instructions and then rinse and dry any run-down quickly to prevent the solution from leaving residue on the glass.

Prioritize a Door With Energy Efficient Glass

Of course, natural light can heat up a room if your doors don’t have proper energy efficiency. When shopping for a patio door, choose one with energy-efficient glass. Low-emissivity glass (low-E) is one of the most energy-efficient types of glass available. Low-E glass allows natural light to pass through the doors easily but blocks heat. This helps ensure that your home will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.


Are you installing a new glass door in your home? Know which types of glass doors are popular at this time. Whether you’re a trendsetter or someone who prefers timeless beauty, it’s helpful to know what’s popular and what’s not, so you can find the door that aligns best with your tastes and sensibilities.

Popular: Bifold Doors

A popular door type right now is bifold doors, which open into an accordion shape and then close into several large panels of glass. Bifold doors are especially popular among homeowners with stunning views to show off.

These extra-large doors can frame your outdoor spaces perfectly, so they can easily be seen from the interior. They’re also a common choice among homeowners who want to bring their indoor and outdoor spaces together. Bifold doors create a wall of glass that can easily be folded up to allow free flow between your home’s interior and exterior.

Timeless: Glass Terrace Doors

Glass terrace doors are a timeless option that has been used in homes for decades. Glass terrace doors may not be considered trendy, but they’re definitely popular among homeowners seeking a classic design and classic features for their homes.

Whether you’re living in a large, villa-style home, or designing an opulent property with a variety of timeless features, glass terrace doors may be the option for you. When you’re shopping around for your glass doors, check out a dealer that offers multiple types of doors, including trendy and timeless ones as well. Being able to compare glass door options will help you make your selection, even if you already think you know what you want.


Window treatments provide privacy and also dress up your glass door to make it stand out. There is a range of options when it comes to window treatments.


Standard shades can be lackluster, but Roman shades have the elegance that gives your glass door a touch of class. Roman shades come in a range of fabrics and textures. Coordinate the color of whatever window treatments you choose with the other colors in your home. Keep your Roman shades clean by spot-cleaning them regularly. Vacuum the shades as well, using an attachment, but make sure to follow your shade instructions to decipher which attachment to use. 


Standard blinds are nothing to write home about, but wooden blinds have warmth and beauty, and they’re easy to maintain. Simply dust these blinds regularly with wood polish. When choosing a finish for your wooden blinds, select a finish that coordinates with the finish of the door itself.

Add a level of convenience to your blind selection by installing smart blinds, which can be raised or lowered with the push of a button on your smartphone. Smart blinds can help you maintain energy efficiency because they can be raised and lowered on a schedule according to the position of the sun in the sky. This is an especially practical option if you have older glass doors that are less energy efficient.

Layered Curtains

Layered curtains have elegance and sophistication that are perfect for glass doors. Use a combination of sheers and heavier curtains to provide privacy and block light. When choosing fabrics and colors, look to the other colors found inside the room for ideas about which colors to use.


Take action to beautify the scene outside to make your glass doors as lovely as possible. This will make time spent inside your home rewarding. At the same time, look in your home through your glass doors and consider what people can see from the exterior.

Set up a vignette to make the view into your home more attractive. For example, set up a chair and table in view of the door, with an attractive vase of flowers just visible on the table. This creates a picture of life inside your home and makes your house more attractive from the outside.


Glass doors come in a range of styles including a terrace, bifold, or sliding. In addition, these doors have a range of glass types including clear, privacy, or tinted glass.

WinDoor glass doors come in a range of finishes and have many door handles types to choose from, which means you can basically customize the door handle to your home’s architectural style as well as your own preferences. As you consider what’s best for your glass doors this October, remember these tricks and tips. You’ll enjoy a significant return on your investment in your glass door.

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