Trending Styles for Autumn 2023

Autumn of 2023 is the season of beautiful home decor inside and out. It’s the perfect time to turn your home into a fashionable and funky environment with natural influences, the perfect window treatments, an accent wall, and more.

Whether you’re living in a home with contemporary flair, or a home built in the traditional style, these trending decor ideas can make your home beautiful to behold. When you’re selecting the right style for your home, keep in mind that less is often more in the decor world. Choosing just a few trending styles will keep your home at the front lines of beautiful, without sending it over the edge.

Influence of the Natural World

Natural materials like wood and stone can set the tone to create a comfortable and inviting environment. There are many places in the home where wood and stone can be used, including flooring, countertops, walls and more.

Hardwood floors are common in all parts of the house now, including the kitchen, where sealing treatments can help keep your wood protected from moisture. Butcher block countertops pair nicely with stone countertops in the kitchen, with butcher block on the island and stone around the perimeter.

You can also consider small decorative touches like a stone or wood sculpture, or a dramatic potted plant placed by a window. Consider painting the walls in colors that coordinate with the natural materials around your home, such as sage green, warm grays and cream. Keeping the color and decorative touches in sync with one another makes for a fully realized and comfortable environment where you can relax at the end of the day.

Warm Neutral Colors

Until very recently, gray was the In Color. While gray is still a very attractive color that can add sophistication and beauty to any indoor environment, the trends are shifting toward warm neutrals that create a homey and inviting environment.

Beige, greige, and mocha are the in colors for autumn 2023. These colors are a delight in autumn anyway, as homeowners break out seasonal decorations like pumpkins, candles, wreaths and more, all colored in shades of orange, brown, red, and subtle green.

There are many ways for you to decorate your home in these colors. From painting the walls to draping the couch with a soft throw blanket, you can add touches of warm neutrals all around.

Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is always in, but what’s especially popular right now is the use of creative lighting fixtures that add decorative flair. Use many lights in one indoor environment to make layered lighting possible.

From pendant light fixtures to stunning chandeliers, you can create an indoor environment that will impress family and guests. Pick the right lighting type for each location. Task lighting, for example, is helpful in the kitchen where you’ll need to see the counters in order to create your exquisite dinner dishes.

Pendant lighting placed over the table makes for a comfortable environment to sit and eat your meal. Finally, recessed fixtures help create ambient lighting that ensures each room will be well lit.

New light fixtures are easy to install with help from a qualified electrician. Don’t try to install light fixtures yourself unless you’re comfortable with electricity and have an understanding of how residential electrical works.

When choosing light fixtures, go bold. Don’t be afraid to choose fixtures that make a statement in each room.

Artisan Sculpture

Artisan sculptures make wonderful conversation pieces while also ensuring that your home has sophistication and artful beauty. From clay pots to small sculpted figures, there are many options to add just the right amount of elegance to your indoor spaces.

Visit your favorite galleries and scour local shows to find the right sculptures for your home. You don’t have to have an artistic eye to choose good art for your home. Look for what you love.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are in, and they’re more interesting than ever. Whereas years ago, accent walls were defined by their paint color, now accent walls can be wallpapered or even textured.

Choose the wallpaper, texture or color that really speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to select a bold pattern with metallic colors or unusual images. Flowers, visions of nature, and dramatic graphic stripes are all possibilities when you’re choosing the right surface for your home’s accent wall.

Impact Window Coverings

Impact windows and doors are beautiful, but they’re even more beautiful when they have the right window treatments. This year, you have many options when you decorate your home’s impact windows and doors.

Rattan Blinds

In keeping with the push to decorate your home naturally, rattan blinds are made of a wicker-like material that can allow subtle natural light to sift in through your home. Rattan blinds go well with hardwood floors, combining two like materials that make for a soft, cozy interior environment.

Rattan blinds vary in quality. For your luxury home, shop with a reputable supplier to ensure that your blinds will look their best.


Sheers never go out of style, and they’re definitely in now. Sheers allow natural light to filter into your home’s spaces, while providing privacy when you need it. Sheers come in different colors and thicknesses, so you can choose the material that’s best for your home. To make your windows more dramatic and to emphasize their length, choose long sheers that extend well above the top of the windows.

No Window Treatments at All

Sometimes no window treatments is best. Leave your impact windows wide open to allow full natural daylight into your home. This will ensure that your home’s interior space is full of sunlight, which is both healthy and flattering.

Frame a Beautiful View

Consider the view outside your windows, and take steps to reshape your landscaping for full effect. Don’t be afraid to move, prune or replace shrubs and flowers to make the view out of your home as lovely as possible.

Work with a professional landscaper to ensure that the landscaping you choose is expertly laid out and also well-chosen for your climate. Do this gradually with each window in your home, to make the most of your indoor and outdoor spaces. If your home’s windows are poorly positioned or too small to frame a beautiful view, consider replacement of one or two large, dramatic impact picture windows.

A Few Last Tips

Before spending your time updating your home’s decor, bring your home’s spaces up to date by making repairs, replacing old fixtures, and more. It’s no good at all to decorate a space that has fallen behind on maintenance and care. The best way to make your home attractive is to fix what’s broken and make updates as needed.

If you’re feeling out of your depth with your home decor, hire an interior decorator to ease your burden. Not all homeowners are comfortable decorating their own spaces. Invite an expert into your space to help you make decisions that will pay off for years to come.

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